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Quasar Red This cutter is very well made. You can feel the quality. The design isn’t for everybody, but I really like the Quasar collection. Bottom line is that the sharp blades provide a perfect cut every time. 5 5 1

Colibri Cigar Cutters

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Within its edgy geometric design, the Quasar Table Cutter in this brilliant red finish is a two-in-one combination of the Colibri V-Cut and S-Cut cigar cutters presented in a sturdy desktop or tabletop format. Both of these super sharp surgical stainless steel blades run on oiled quad pistons to ensure smooth action when in motion to guarantee a precise cut every time. In addition, cigar size is never a problem with the premium quality Quasar, because the V-shaped cutter can accommodate up to a 70-ring and the S-Cut can handle a 60-ring cigar.

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