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Don Victor Pyramid Bundle will not buy again!! burns hot and fast. not good flavor. seemed very loosely put together, soft. 1 4 1
Don Victor Pyramid Bundle Solid everyday smoke,priced very nicely,I would buy again 4 4 1
Don Victor Pyramid Bundle I like these cigars and tend to buy them when they are on sale because I really like the look and feel of the Don Victor. These smoke well as It puts out a nice puff of smoke. BUT, I would not expect to smoke theme right out of the bundle the day of arrival. They will not stay lit if you walk away for 5 minutes and have a slight back taste. These benefit exponentially over time in your box. I use them to help regulate humidity in the box and will take them out of their cellophane wrapper immediately. Give them 2-3 months or more in your box and you will be rewarded. I would rate them a 31/2 stars after aging. Very good for the dollar spent. Trust me on this one. 3 4 1
Don Victor Pyramid Bundle Haven't smoked these in several years, but found a good deal and ordered them. I really like them,,tasty not too strong or mild. They are a very good change of pace for me. Thanks JR 4 4 1
Don Victor Pyramid Bundle These were a Christmas present from my wife. They have excellent taste, wonderful draw, and are an easy smoke. Love them. 4 4 1


Don Victor Pyramid Bundle 6 × 54 REMDVB

From a brand that holds a place in the hearts and humidors of seasoned cigar fans, the 6 x 54 Remedios Don Victor Pyramid is a simple yet satisfying smoking experience that showcases traditional craftsmanship with a top-quality tobacco blend and an expertly executed tapered shape.

Handcrafted in Nicaragua with a multination recipe of well-aged tobaccos carefully curated to manifest a middle-of-the-road, medium-bodied strength profile fit for just about any smoker of fine cigars, the Remedios Don Victor Pyramid is finished with a Connecticut shade natural wrapper of gleaming golden-brown. Packed in budget-friendly bundles of 20, the Remedios Don Victor Pyramid's blend balances the right amount of zesty spice with traditional tobacco taste. When you're shopping online for a sharply tapered popular premium handmade cigar designed to appeal to all kinds of smokers, you won't go wrong with the Remedios Don Victor Pyramid Bundle.

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Connecticut Shade

Mexico / Sumatra

Dominican Republic / Nicaragua




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