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Gigante Product was left outside overnight by delivery 16 below zero. Completely ruined contacted company absolutely no reply. 1 5 1
Gigante Well balanced, spicy and rich with a good draw. A serious cigar for a serious post-prandial smoke with a single malt whisky....... 4 5 1
Gigante I've smoked several boxes of these and I have never had a bad one. Definitely 1 of my favorites. Great burn, draw, and smoke production. 5 5 1
Gigante I really like Punch cigars and particularly full-bodied and a large ring size. This cigar is a fine product and I would recommend it. 4 5 1
Gigante Great buy and smoke will look to buying more 5 5 1
Gigante Where is this order? 1 5 1
Gigante Good 5 5 1

Punch Signature

Gigante 6 × 60 PUSGCL

Punch Signature Gigante cigars pay homage to the brands famed lineage with a premium blend that comes very close in character and taste to its original Cuban counterpart. The cigar is expertly rolled in a beefy 6 x 60 format with a rare Ecuadorian Corojo maduro wrapper, a thick Nicaraguan binder, and aged long filler tobaccos from the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. After toasting and lighting a Gigante, you’ll be greeted with rich, exceptionally smooth full-bodied flavors of leather, wood, chocolate, earth, and spice. A captivating sweet tobacco aroma offers a fragrant little slice of old Havana. Order a reasonably priced box of 18, and experience a Punch cigar that stays true to its Cuban roots from first light to the last savory draw!
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Ecuadorian Corojo


Dominican Republic / Nicaragua




Box of 18

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