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El Diablo Box Pressed This is easily in my top 10 cigars and will be a staple as long as these are made. I've smoked 17 out of my box of 20 and they have been consistent so far. The box press is perfect, the draw is perfect for me- ever so slightly on the tight side, but still producing a massive amount of thick creamy smoke. The thickness of this smoke actually gives a nice mouthfeel and I describe it as savory and dark. The tobacco flavor is, to me, very smooth- not harsh at all, with subtle notes of leather, dark dark dark chocolate, and traditional pure tobacco. A lot of cigars at this strength to me have an overwhelming barnyard note that can become too much but the Punch Diablo doesn't have that. I have had a few of the smaller sizes of the Diablo and I think this huge box press is what sets this particular stick apart. The burn is better, the draw is better, the flavor is so much more expressive. While smoking the smaller sizes all you can think is "wow, these are STRONG." But with this box press all I keep thinking is "wow, this is how cigars are supposed to be made!" Pairs perfectly with every bourbon I've tried and goes nice with ribeye and dark beer or a Dr. Pepper. Smokes between 1 and 1.5 hours for me and when I'm done I want another one immediately. Clean finish, pleasant smell, beautiful presentation- all around a great buy, especially for the price. 5 5 1

Punch Diablo

El Diablo Box Pressed 6.50 × 66 PUDED_1

The Punch Diablo El Diablo Box Pressed cigar features a dark, oily, Ecuadorian Sumatra Oscuro wrapper, over a thick Connecticut Broadleaf binder and aged fillers from Honduras and Nicaragua. This stunning box -pressed beauty, available in this single cigar packaging, produces rich full-bodied flavors of chocolate, earth, spice, and leather. Grab one today, and savor this exciting new addition to the storied Punch brand portfolio.
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Ecuador Sumatra

Connecticut Broadleaf

Honduras / Nicaragua




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