Psyko Seven

Corona 5.5 × 46 PSYKC

The Psyko Seven Corona cigar is manufactured by the Ventura Cigar Company and crafted by famous master blender Henke Kelner in the Dominican Republic. For those not in the know, Kelner is the mastermind behind the legendary Davidoff brand. Featuring bold and edgy packaging, this top-notch cigar features an insane blending of 7 premium tobaccos from 6 countries to provide a smoke with crazy amounts of complexity and balance. Mellow to medium bodied in strength, and oozing with ever revolving flavors that include spice, nuts, earth, coffee, leather, sweet cream, and more, Psyko Seven Corona will take your palate on transcendental journey of rich tobacco goodness. You’d have to be nuts not to order a box of these insanely delicious cigars!

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Dominican Republic


Aged Multination Long Fillers

Dominican Republic

Mellow - Medium