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Recurring Subscription Very much worth the value. Great cigars. I can’t wait for my next shipment. 5 5 1
Recurring Subscription I am a recurring monthly customer and have had issues with order processing, every month this year since April has been a different issue, I never received my June order. 1 5 1
Recurring Subscription Great sticks all have been worth the price I have found some new favorites I am definitely looking forward to the next one 4 5 1
Recurring Subscription Checked on cigar of the month clubs A reputable reviewer listed what he thought was the top 7 as far as getting your moneys worth. JR was actually named #3. #1 was considerably more money and I didnt want to spend that. # 2 was comparable but I put the 2 side by side and JR appealed to me more. I got my first 5 cigars and they were worth more than the $25. Im new to cigars and its a great way to try new ones. Im looking forward to future shipments 5 5 1
Recurring Subscription I'll update this after a few more months, but the 1st months cigars were nothing to brag about. I hope it gets better. I also don't like that you don't get a newsletter w/ paring or smoking notes with the subscription. We all want more and I get it, but I've done 3 & 6 month memberships with other companies and I feel you get your money's worth with them and premium cigars. I'll see where it ends up. 4 5 1
Recurring Subscription Of the 5 cigars all were fine cigars, but only 3 of them appealed to me in a way that might see me purchasing them again in the future. Of course this is why I joined to find the brands I like :) Very happy with the 1st month's selection and I cant wait for next month :) 5 5 1
Recurring Subscription Still haven't received my order from 2 weeks ago. I attempted to call their customer service to let them know but no one has attempted to call me back for email me back. Very dissatisfied. I expected more from JR. 1 5 1
Recurring Subscription Judging by other reviews some others as well are having issues with their monthly subscription. I am one of them as well. Basically cigars never shipped so I had to call customer service and then they got here a few days later. But here I am on the next month and the website hasn't re-billed me and according to the site my first shipment never shipped, so I'm not holding my breath for my next batch to get here. Other than than I really liked the Witchdoktor cigars. Great draw and good strength but not overpowering. Hence the additional star on the review. 2 5 1
Recurring Subscription I have had nothing but issues with the COTM. I’ve had to call customer service 8 times, no exaggeration, just to get my previous 2 month’s orders to ship. The sticks were great for the most part, it’s just a shame there are so many issues with shipping. Canceled my subscription last week. 1 5 1
Recurring Subscription I ordered this subscription as a gift to my husband. The order was placed on December 17th and as of today still have not received the order. Customer service is horrible. Would not recommend buying unless you have time to stay on top of orders. 1 5 1
Recurring Subscription I placed an order and added the Cigar of the Month club. As JR's website states "First order will ship 1-2 days after order. All other orders will ship on the 3rd Wednesday of the month. I received my order and NO Cigar of the Month club cigars. I sent 2 emails with no response. I called customer service and was told that Cigar of the Month gets shipped between the 15th and 18th of the month. I informed them that is not what the website states. I waited 3 weeks later and had to call again, I was told there was a computer issue and my Cigar of the Month wasn't shipped. The customer service guy had to check to see if the cigars were in stock (wonder what would of happen if they weren't) luckily they were and was shipped. When I receive my cigars there was no humidification pack just 6 cigars (I am JR +) in a ziplock cigar bag. I was not impressed in the selection. When the 3rd week of December rolled around guess what? No Cigar of the Month club sent, I called customer service and they have been having computer issues. Since they couldn't get ANYTHING RIGHT including following their own statement of sending the first order in 1-2 days after order. I politely asked the customer service rep to cancel my Cigar of the Month Club. I have since went elsewhere with a new Club and couldn't be happier. I have been a customer with JR's Cigars since 2000 and I can honestly say they are starting to go down hill. 1 5 1
Recurring Subscription Ad said shipping was included on these recurring orders. Nope. Charged. It's nice getting a variety each month, but feel tricked and trapped. 2 5 1
Recurring Subscription None are bad. Two of the 6 were ok and three were a delight. Still evaluating my subscription 3 5 1
Recurring Subscription This was a great addition to my husband's Christmas gifts. 4 5 1
Recurring Subscription Absolutely amazing deal, 25$ for some great sticks! Can’t go wrong when looking for a new weekly smoke 5 5 1
Recurring Subscription When I subscribed, my order was never shipped on time. For the first half every month i had to call in and give them my cc information every month. Since then, the last 3 months, it has been on time and i have not had to call. The smokes have been great. I however would like it if you could list the cigars you send. I have had a few i really enjoy but can't find them on your site. 3 5 1


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