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Blue Blondie 10-Pack Just received these today, 11/20/19. Took the cellphone off, and to me had an amazing smell. Nice flavor, good smoke, draw is decent, maybe slightly tight, in spots, not enough to really notice, nice white ash at first then goes to gray. Had to relight three times, and touch up once. Nice little cigar, to me seems expensive for what you get. Finishes well. MUCH better cigar than the Drew Estates Factory Smokes cigar, Sweet Robusto, which I just did a review. The tip on this is slightly sweetened, but not way over done like the Sweet Robusto. This cigar got down to where it was burning my fingers, you know the type where you have to hold it between your lips because you can't hold it anymore? And still good smoke and decent flavor. Got to the point where I couldn't hold it in my lips and had to put it down. Now about my order and JR Cigar, had nothing but trouble receiving my order, called at least six different times, they canceled order due to not having age verification, and around call five they finally informed me about the age verification, you would think call number 1 they would have walked me through it or at least advised me, or sent me an email. I had only one representative email me back, that was the last person I talked to. Prior to 2012 I had ordered a lot from them. HORRIBLE customer service and even worse communications!!! Placed an order with Cigar International, no problems, and guess what, there age verification, is part of their check out process. No BS with getting orders canceled, no repeated phone calls to get things fixed, with JR Cigar, just more frustration . My initial call to JR Cigar I was in hold for an hour and five minutes, just find out where my order was. They told me I would get a phone call next day, no phone call, so I called next day just to find out order had been canceled. It was not a payment issue my bank had it pending, before they canceled it. A phone call, or an email, some communication would have gone a long way!!! Hey JR Cigars you lose customers running your business this way!!! 4 5 1
Blue Blondie 10-Pack Love these cigars but thought they would be a bit bigger:( 2 5 1
Blue Blondie 10-Pack xxxxxxxx 5 5 1
Blue Blondie 10-Pack I have been smoking Cigars for about 45 years and it's something I HATE the most on a cigar is to test sweet. Horrible!!! If they would tell you in advance that would be fine but NO they couldn't sell them regularly so they go ahead and get you with those special buy!!! 1 5 1
Blue Blondie 10-Pack hello 2 5 1
Blue Blondie 10-Pack Very good 5 5 1
Blue Blondie 10-Pack its a cigar 4 5 1
Blue Blondie 10-Pack Hard pull! 3 5 1
Blue Blondie 10-Pack I never received them. They were not in the package. 5 5 1


Blue Blondie 10-Pack 4 × 38 ACBL10BB

The highly-rated Blue Blondie 4x38 10-Pack will entice you with its unique pigtailed makeup, smooth body and taste will tease your palate while the flavorful infusion of aroma will captivate your senses. Buy the popular ACID Blue Blondie Connecticut Shade today at JR Cigars!
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