Prince Albert's Cigarillos

Sweet Vanilla 5 × 30 PAV25

Pipe tobacco fans on the go shouldn't have to sacrifice a smokin' sweet treat, even when time (or money) is tight! With Prince Albert's Sweet Vanilla Cigarillos, expertly machine-made with flavorful and fragrant pipe tobaccos, you'll feel like royalty...even when you've got only a short break from your non-regal work.

Crafted right here in the USA in a slim yet satisfying 5 x 30 size and packed in boxes of 25 smokes, Prince Albert's Sweet Vanilla Cigarillos offer all of the soothing, serene, subtly scented character of a pipe in convenient and cost-effective style. When you're shopping online for a premium pipe-smoking experience packed into a compact, carry-along cigarillo, remember that Prince Albert's Sweet Vanilla Cigarillos are also a sweet value.

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Homogenized Tobacco Leaf

Homogenized Tobacco Leaf

United States

United States



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