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JN Basket Pipe 8JN169S

JN Basket Pipes are the ideal choice for pipe smokers that can live without a pipe that may not have the finest grain, or comes from a famous manufacturer. Some of the lowest grade briars and other woods are fitted with soft plastic stems that chew through in a few months or weeks of use. This is not the case with JN Basket pipes that feature a tough vulcanite stem and premium aged briar that has a less than desirable grain to be part of a pipe connoisseurs’ prized collection. Although not the prettiest looking pieces on the market, JN Basket Pipes smoke just as cool and flavorful as pipes costing double or perhaps triple the price. The term "basket pipe" gets used too widely to describe any pipe at a reasonable price, and JN Basket Pipes disproves this theory by providing a flawless smoking experience from the very first bowl. Order yours from JR Cigar today.

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