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Short Magnum Was looking for an inexpensive yet full-bodied smoke, when I came across these. They have a nice dark wrapper with a large cap. Not sure if they're all rolled this way, but this cigar is rolled TIGHT. I mean this thing is hard. Like it has no give when you squeeze it. Unfortunately this plays into the draw because it is a little tight. Tighter than I normally like, but I will say it does loosen up a little as you get further into the cigar. The flavors are surprisingly good for this cheap of a stick! Flavors of leather, cedar, earth, dark coffee all come through.....FULL flavors at that! Nothing light here. I highly recommend these if you're looking for a cheaper yet stronger smoke with great flavors. Cant beat it for the price! 4 5 1
Short Magnum OK first you cant beat the price of these fatty cigars, you get a great smoke, great price, great draw, great construction, and amazing flavor. If you like fatty 60 ring cigars but hate some of the pricing for upper echelon other 60 ring fatty cigars, try this cigar. You will not be disappointed at all of this everyday smoke able cigar. 4 5 1
Short Magnum Love this Cigar great taste and flavor. 5 5 1

Padilla Doctrine

Short Magnum 4.50 × 60 PADOCSM5

Padilla Doctrine Short Magnum cigars are rolled in a great looking short and fat 4.50 x 60 size with the finest aged Nicaraguan tobaccos covered by a dark, oily , Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. This is an affordable 5-pack offering with the quality and taste normally found on costlier high-end cigars. Expect a perfectly rolled cigar with a sweet aroma and rich full-bodied flavors of caramel, chocolate, earth, and hints of fruit.

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Connecticut Broadleaf






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