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Winter Blend 4 x 60 The Nub Nuance Seasonals Winter Blend 4x60 is a tasty cigar that has hints of coffee and mint 4 4 1
Winter Blend 4 x 60 The draw on this NUb is sooo tight that it’s not smokeable. I’ve had issues in the past with flavored nub cigars being too tight of a draw and it looks like it hasn’t been rectified. Even using a draw poker doesn’t fix the problem. Will say that the flavor is very nice but will not buy flavored nubs anymore. Would like to add that JR customer service was excellent in recruiting the situation. 2 4 1
Winter Blend 4 x 60 Draw was terrible! Wrapped way too tight. Had to constantly re-light. Flavor was just OK. 2 4 1
Winter Blend 4 x 60 Really great smoke. The whole NUB line is great and this one is no different. 4 4 1
Winter Blend 4 x 60 Nice flavored cigar. It's a nice cigar for the holiday season. Good for sharing with others who don't smoke all the time. 4 4 1
Winter Blend 4 x 60 First off I really like Nub cigars. One of my favorites. I purchased a box of these winter blend Nubs because they were on special. What a mistake. Great draw, construction and overall physical attributes. The favor is to much. I felt like I was smoking some kind of mint brownie. In fact my wife asked, “ Are you baking something?”. If you are into flavored cigars this might be your thing. I wish I had passed. 2 4 1
Winter Blend 4 x 60 Yes - It is wrapped tightly and there is work to be done smoking this cigar. But, I found it tasty and will continue to look forward to it each year.Perfect for sitting by the fire and drinking a great bourbon. 4 4 1

Nub Nuance Seasonals

Winter Blend 4x60 4 × 60 NHBW60

Nub Nuance Seasonals Winter Blend 4x60 cigars celebrate the frosty months of winter with warm and inviting notes of dark roast coffee, leather, toasted almonds, and a dash of peppermint, in a creamy medium-bodied profile. Flawlessly constructed and blended to hit “the sweet spot” the moment you light up, the premium handmade Winter Blend cigars are a mouthwatering treat that you can enjoy all year long. 

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