Nicaraguan Overruns

Maduro Lonsdale 6 × 48 NOVMLO

Nicaraguan Overruns Maduro Lonsdale cigars are overruns from a world-famous Nicaraguan brand that chose to remain anonymous. Therefore, they come un-banded and sold in affordable no frills bundles of 20. We can’t tell you who made them , but we can tell you is that except for a few discrepancy in the sizes listed on our website, this is a first-rate premium cigar through and through. Although listed as a classic Lonsdale size, the cigar is sold as a (6 x 48) Double Corona. This a good thing, because now you get more bang for your buck! As for the blend, it’s a Nicaraguan puro made of the finest aged Cuban seed tobacco covered by a savory dark and oily maduro wrapper. The cigar is medium-to-full bodied, complex, and slow burning, offering rich flavors of earth, leather, chocolate, and black pepper. These very affordable premium cigars are not to be taken lightly , because they provide those rich, bold Nicaraguan tobacco flavors found on costlier blends, for a mere pennies on the dollar!

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