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Maduro Lancero First I'd like to say that everyone's palate is going to be different so the art of enjoying cigars is subjective to each individual's tastes. I favor cigars in the mild-to-medium then medium-to-full range. I specifically look for those in between ranges & neglect the mild only, or full bodied only strengths. I've tried full bodied cigars but tend to avoid too strong of a blend. These are kind of hidden gems but I can guess that they'd be a "hit & miss". My bundle of twenty had about six that weren't the best constructed or put together but the other fourteen were looking pretty good. Now, that's not to say the six were falling apart or broken, they were just had a little too much pronounced or prominent veins. As far as the strength goes it's listed as medium-to-full but I'd say it's actually no stronger than a medium strength cigar. The flavor is kind of lacking for a Nicaraguan type of puro(if it's considered that?) I usually buy all my cigars with some kind of Nicaraguan tobacco in the ingredients & I can smell the strain of tobacco that is the typical aroma of Nicaraguan cigars, but I really don't get a whole lot of Nicaraguan flavors. It just had a plain run of the mill leathery cigar flavor, but I kind of like that it was very easy to smoke without straining myself on a tight draw. It put out plenty of smoke & the burn was razor sharp & I never had to fix the burn. I was actually surprised because I took a chance on a bundle that I thought I was going to give out a bunch of crappy free stogies at a backyard bbq, but I think I'm going to be greedy & keep these easy on the palate cigars for myself. I'd definitely recommend taking a chance on a bundle, at $2 a stick you really can't go wrong. 5 5 1
Maduro Lancero Everyone's palate is different so these feel more like a "Full Bodied" blend. Peppery, leathery & slight floral notes are what I taste. Maybe for those who like a bolder taste, but not for me. 3 5 1
Maduro Lancero Perfect Choice 4 5 1

Nicaraguan Overruns

Maduro Lancero 7 × 38 NOVML

Please note: Sizes do vary for these cigars and may not match the size specified on the website due to the fact that they are overruns.

A dark, maduro wrapper covers well-aged filler tobaccos from Nicaragua creating a bold and powerful Cuban style smoke. Our Nicaraguan Maduro Lancero cigars are one of our best-kept secrets. These cigars came from a very renowned manufacturer who has decided to remain anonymous. When you buy cigars online, be sure to add these budget friendly 7 x 38 smokes to your cart. They may be one the finest 20-count bundled sticks that we ever got our hands on. We’ll let you decide that!
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