Nicaraguan Factory Overruns

Torpedo Claro 6.12 × 52 MFO77

Please note: Sizes do vary for these cigars and may not match the size specified on the website due to the fact that they are overruns.

One of the top manufacturers in the industry makes the Nicaragua Factory Overruns Torpedo cigars. However, since these delectable smokes are such an amazing bargain, and are wrapped in a light brown claro wrapper. Just compare these very affordable 20-count bundle smokes to some of your favorite super-premium sticks and you will learn that these 6.12x52 no-name treasures are the real deal! They are flawlessly created with the best aged tobaccos. They are made for those who prefer a medium to full body in strength and love the robust and potent Cuban-like flavor. 

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Manufacturer’s Secret

Manufacturer’s Secret


Medium - Full


Bundle of 20

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