Room 101 Dad Accessory Kit ROOMKIT

The Room 101 Dad Accessory Kit is an extraordinary gift for dad coming from cigar maker extraordinaire and famous jewelry designer Matt Booth. It includes the Xikar Cigar Daruma EX Room 101 Cigar, lighter a powerful lighting machine that is beautifully engraved with an exotic far east design that signifies good luck and perseverance. Asian artistry meets precision sharpness with the included Xikar XI1 Room 101 Daruma Double-Bladed Guillotine cigar cutter, and to make a masculine fashion statement, dad will be rocking the Room 101 Grey Agate 10MM Bracelet while he’s cutting, lighting and smoking his cigars.  Agate comes in many forms and colors and is among the earliest stones used for healing and bringing good luck. And if he doesn’t believe in mystical mumbo-jumbo, this bracelet adds understated elegance to every outfit he will wear.
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