Miami Suites

Rum 4.50 × 28 MSRP5

Sweet-toothed cigar fans shopping online for flavored smokes are rewarded by the rich-tasting relaxation of Miami Suites Rum, a high-quality little cigar that adds flavor without subtracting from your bank account!

Crafted in a compact 4.5 x 28 size and featuring a blend of Caribbean Basin Cuban-seed leaf and an eye-catching Indonesian natural wrapper in a lush light-brown hue, Miami Suites Rum machine-made cigars offer warm flavors within a light-to-medium-bodied strength profile that's easygoing enough for just about any smoker looking for a small cigar to sweeten up a too-short smoke break. Sold in five take-along packs of five (25 cigars in all)—perfect for stashing, sharing, or sneaking in during a busy day—Miami Suites Rum machine-made cigars make an excellent selection for cigar fans shopping online for a sweet smoke that's an even sweeter value.

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Homogenized Tobacco Leaf

Caribbean Basin Cuban Seed

Puerto Rico

Mellow - Medium


5 Packs of 5

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