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We Lose You Gain 4.50 x 52 4.50 × 52 WLYG30

The We Lose You Gain Bundle is not a mystery sampler or some no name value priced cigars that we are trying to unload, but rather a 20 pack of JR Alternatives that were accidentally sent to us with no labels. Our mistake allows you to buy these top-quality cigars for a deep discount; hence the name, ”We Lose You Gain”. In this case, you will receive a JR Alternative to a highly popular Nicaraguan brand that’s rolled in a hefty 4 x50 size. With a little detective work, you may just figure out which medium-to-full bodied JR Alternative that you are smoking, but in any case, you will enjoy a first-rate premium cigar. Bottom line: If you are a fan of bold Nicaraguan cigars and are looking try our famous JR Nicaraguan Alternatives for a rock bottom price, then, order the We Lose You Gain Bundle from the only place that you will find it… right here at JR Cigar!

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Dominican Republic



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