JR Alternative Mystery Bundles

5X52 Maduro 5 × 52 WLYG20

The JR Alternative Mystery Bundles 5X52 Maduro cigars somehow ended up missing labels when we received them in our huge warehouse, so we are not sure which one you’ll be getting. However, we can tell you that they are just as enjoyable, boast the same pristine construction, and use the exact same premium tobaccos as the rest of our best-selling JR Alternative line. Bear in mind, these are not factory seconds! In addition, just like their labeled cousins, Mystery Bundles 5X52 Maduro cigars are produced in many of the same prestigious factories where their original counterparts are made. Look on the bright side, for an even more affordable price, you’ll have so much fun doing some detective work by trying to figure out which dark and delicious JR Alternative brand that you are smoking!
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Dominican Republic


Bundle of 20

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