4.125 8
Digital Hygro-Set II Fast shipping meter works well 5 5 1
Digital Hygro-Set II It's not very accurate and I tried to set it according to the instructions and was not able to get an accurate reading. 2 5 1
Digital Hygro-Set II Hygro-set hydrometer works good for me did a Boveda calibration when I took it out of the box it was 3% high so I set it back to 75% and ran the test again and it was right on the 75% mark . Can't beat it for the price . 5 5 1
Digital Hygro-Set II I keep an average of 150-250 cigars on hand at all times. Mainly because anything I purchase goes into my humidor(s) for a minimal of 3 months. I have 2 Box humidors and a NewAir CC-100H. The NewAir CC-100H is self sufficient, but still requires humidity and a good hygrometer right? I have tested “many” hygrometers, but none have been as accurate as the Digital Hygro – Set II. Are there better ones, more functionality, wireless etc., possibly, but it stays on point. Validation - I placed 2 in separate sealed bags with a separate paradigm 125 and I placed 1 in a sealed bag with a Boveda pack just to see the results. Both remained for 24 hours and “because of” the humidity adjustment feature, I was able to set them exact at the end of the 24 hours. To further that, I placed all 3 separately in a sealed bag with a soda cap of salt (moistened) and 6 hours later, they all read 75% as expected. I changed nothing and placed 1 in each of my humidors. As of a few months ago, my cigars were addictive as they always have been 😊, but there is a huge difference in there feel, draw and burn and its this hygrometer that made the difference. The temperature is going to take on the temperature in your home and its physical location of course.…Seasoning your humidor first is “very” important. Don’t be in a rush, if its not done correct, everything beyond that is what it is. Hope this helps – for all you auction bidders out there aka “Mntman” – See you all at the next Smoking in the Carolinas!! Rudy - Bourbon Support Group (BSG) Virginia, Quantico 5 5 1
Digital Hygro-Set II It would have been nice to know more about this item before ordering. After reading some stuff on different sites, I was under the assumption that this would replace my analog hygrometer on the front of my humidor, but that's not the case from what I can see. However, this item works wonderfully and its extremely easy to use. 4 5 1
Digital Hygro-Set II Very easy to use 4 5 1
Digital Hygro-Set II So far so good...I’ve had it for about a month & it is accurate. 4 5 1
Digital Hygro-Set II Seems very consistent however a lot smaller than I thought needs to be on a larger scale 4 5 1


Digital Hygro-Set II 3HDHS2

Your beloved premium cigars must have the perfect humidity levels to reach their optimum smoking conditions, that’s why the Digital Hygro-Set II Hygrometer is a must have for every cigar enthusiast. It features a humidity accuracy of +/- 2-percent, and a +/- 1-degree temperature accuracy level, all delivered with a 10 second refresh rate. For added convenience, the Digital Hygro-Set II Hygrometer is easily mounted on the inside of most standard humidors without taking up too much space. Easy-set calibration instructions are included in the package, along with a replaceable button cell battery that powers the unit. the Digital Hygro-Set II Hygrometer is a very affordable way to make sure your premium cigars are always factory fresh and ready to smoke. Order yours today!
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