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Digital Hygro-Set II Fast shipping meter works well 5 5 1
Digital Hygro-Set II Hygro-set hydrometer works good for me did a Boveda calibration when I took it out of the box it was 3% high so I set it back to 75% and ran the test again and it was right on the 75% mark . Can't beat it for the price . 5 5 1


Digital Hygro-Set II 3HDHS2

Your beloved premium cigars must have the perfect humidity levels to reach their optimum smoking conditions, that’s why the Digital Hygro-Set II Hygrometer is a must have for every cigar enthusiast. It features a humidity accuracy of +/- 2-percent, and a +/- 1-degree temperature accuracy level, all delivered with a 10 second refresh rate. For added convenience, the Digital Hygro-Set II Hygrometer is easily mounted on the inside of most standard humidors without taking up too much space. Easy-set calibration instructions are included in the package, along with a replaceable button cell battery that powers the unit. the Digital Hygro-Set II Hygrometer is a very affordable way to make sure your premium cigars are always factory fresh and ready to smoke. Order yours today!
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