Xikar HumiKit All in One Humidification System 3XKIT

The top-quality HumiKit All in One Humidification System by Xikar is the most reliable humidification system available today, and includes everything your cigar humidor needs for optimal freshness. The kit includes the popular Xikar Crystal Humidifier, a two-way humidification system prefilled with PG Solution that will emit and absorb moisture in your humidor to maintain a perfect 70% RH (Relative Humidity). The Xikar Digital Gauge Hygrometer resembles a retro analog hygrometer but the comparison stops there, because this state of the art device comes pre-calibrated for accuracy right out of the box. The oversized digital display makes it easy to monitor temperature and humidity levels inside your cigar humidor with a quick glance. The HumiFan by Xikar provides intermittent air circulation to prevent stagnant conditions inside your humidor. Every 15 minutes, the fan will power on for 15 seconds, circulating the air in your humidor, thus allowing your cigars to breathe. The goal being to ensure that the relative humidity level within the humidor remains consistent throughout. When you place your next order online with JR Cigar, be sure to add the Xikar HumiKit All in One Humidification System to your cart, and your days of worrying about keeping your favorite premium handmade cigars fresh, will be gone for good!

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