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Xikar Crystal Bar Humidifier This product barely holds the humidity level for 20 Cigars, in a 50 Cigar humidor. At 40 Cigars the bar had to be filled twice as often and ranged around 60 to 62. I've used the larger disk from this brand and looks like I'll be going back to it. I'd recommend this for a small Humidor of 20 or less. 1 1 1


Xikar Crystal Bar Humidifier 3XCBXI

The Xikar Crystal Bar Humidifier maintains a perfect 70% Relative Humidity (RH) with a revolutionary new way to keep your premium cigars fresh and ready to smoke. The humidifier is made of polymer crystals that will shrink slowly as water evaporates over time. Unlike the cheap florist foam used in lesser quality humidifiers that evaporate quickly, these polymer crystals hold 100% of its weight in fluid, allowing you to go up to 90-days before a recharge. When the crystals become dry, the bar will feel lighter. When this happens, you’ll know that it’s time to refill the bar with XIKAR propylene glycol solution to recharge the humidifier. Each bar comes packaged dry, and must be filled before the first use. The Xikar Crystal Bar Humidifier slowly and evenly regulates humidity for up to 50 cigars. making it perfect for small to medium desktop humidors or very large travel cases. Order yours from JR Cigar, and enjoy a worry free and innovative new way to maintain a perfect 70% relative humidity level for your prized premium cigars.

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