4.031914893617022 188
Belicoso Tasty torpedo with a slightly snug draw. Earth cedar black pepper light coffee. Not a bad smoke but not an everyday smoke. 3 5 1
Belicoso This was my first cigar I smoked from H. UPMANN. And I'm glad I did. I remember it being a Pleasant smoke. It introduce me to UPMANN family and I haven't had any regrets. 5 5 1
Belicoso I’ve smoked this a few times and had draw issues but nonetheless is a good stick with good flavors 3 5 1
Belicoso My first Upman and have to say it was great.. good draw strong notes then to a smooth finish.. good smoke after dinner or just to enjoy the night 4 5 1
Belicoso One of my favorites. Smoke these while taking a grumpy. It's smell is great for covering up the scent of 💩 3 5 1
Belicoso H.Upmann is one of my favorite cigars they don’t fail with flavor and construction. If you have not tried this one then you should. Great cigar. 4 5 1
Belicoso Basically a great stick!! You will love it’s rich flavor. Give this one a try. Don’t miss it. It’s too good! 4 5 1
Belicoso The H upmann 1844 is an amazing full body and packed with flavors of nutts and earthy undertones and because of the slow burn it's perfect for fishing or mowing the yard 4 5 1
Belicoso Can’t think of something bad to say about this cigar. Everything about it is great! 4 5 1
Belicoso All Upmanns are good and this is no exception. Solidly made with a delightful aroma you can not go wrong with this smoke. 4 5 1
Belicoso The 1844 h hpman is my go to cigar great construction consistent flavor love to smoke this stick while fishing 4 5 1
Belicoso I really like this cigar. I like that the smoke time is nice and slow. The notes on this cigar is med. I like the earthy tones to the pallete. The draw is perfect leaving a anice ash to the very end. 5 5 1
Belicoso Above average smoke. Nothing spectacular. You get what you pay for. And nothing more and sometimes less. Not in my rotation after a few cigars. 4 5 1
Belicoso Do i really even need to review this one? Great all around! Very flavorful you cant taste each spice 5 5 1
Belicoso Worthy of the lable ring. A nice crisp smoke. It had a light draw that resulted in an even burn leaving a gorgeous ash and a very satisfied consumer! 4 5 1
Belicoso The h. Upmann reserve bellicose is a well made cigar flavorful and tasty different flavors coming thru enjoyable in the evening when you have time to savor it and at an reasonable price. 4 5 1
Belicoso I think that this one should definitely be smoked with something to drink. Like most cigars. 3 5 1
Belicoso My husband keeps these in his collection do me being new cigars I am trying them all . This one was good and smoked for a time 4 5 1
Belicoso After Fuentes this my next go to. I love this cigar through and through. Never harsh well built alternating flavors through the smoke great size. 5 5 1
Belicoso The Upmann reserve is my favorite from there entire line. I always have at least 10 in my humidor. Flavors are amazing. Definitely a must try 💯💨 3 5 1
Belicoso Hands down to this day this stick is the best H. Upmann I have had. Its was just packed with flavor 4 5 1
Belicoso Again....smooth as silk. Great Cigar ! Excellent draw unmatched flavor....true consistency. It is guaranteed to become a favorite! 5 5 1
Belicoso Smooth and creamy very good smoke. Had a little trouble keeping a couple sticks lit but definitely worth the effort. Will smoke again. 4 5 1
Belicoso The reserve belicoso was a huge surprise. Tried one at my friends house. The flavor on this stick was great. Can’t go wrong for the price. Will definitely pick up a few more next time I am at JR 4 5 1
Belicoso Not a bad smoke for their medium line cigars. Got some spice out of it pretty smooth draw and peppery on the tongue. 3 5 1
Belicoso It has a cedary sweetness also showing notes of toasted marshmallow leather and an earthy finish. 3 5 1
Belicoso Love these cigars. Have some in my humidor right now. Always restock when I get low on Upmann 5 5 1
Belicoso I tried one of these a few weeks ago and it was actually pretty good. Nice draw cigar was constructed Very nicely. Would definitely buy again. 5 5 1
Belicoso Solid all around cigar. Good morning cigar with a cup o Joe. Recommended to anyone. 4 5 1
Belicoso Good smoke....mild to medium like all Upmann's. Great draw construction and burn. Not a power house of flavor but a solid tasty smoke. Very enjoyable. 4 5 1
Belicoso ive been smoking therebfor years you will not be disappointed hopefully they will remain in stock because they tend tonsell out quite often 4 5 1
Belicoso Good cigar. No complaints nice flavors good burn definitely don’t mind keeping one of these handy in the humidor 4 5 1
Belicoso I got one of these in a sampler. Decent stick but lacked flavor 4 5 1
Belicoso Very mild flavor for as dark as it is. Goes well with coffee and whiskey. My preferred morning smoke. 4 5 1
Belicoso This vitola the best. Love this brand. Love this size. Smoke it !!!! I promise it will be a go to. 4 5 1
Belicoso This is a very good smoke it's 1 of the better cigars I have smoked I do like the Upmann after dinner better it has a cleaner finish 5 5 1
Belicoso smooth medium-bodied cigar that's rich in flavor and complete with notes of earth nuts pepper and cedar. Delicious indeed and a fitting complement to the storied H. Upmann name. 4 5 1
Belicoso The H upmann 1844 Reserve is a delicious cigar that everybody should have in their humidor 5 5 1
Belicoso Couldn’t be happier with this tarpedo perfect draw and could be an every day smoke 5 5 1
Belicoso This was one of my first smokes I think the draw and construction are great and has awsome taste 3 5 1
Belicoso Tasted like cardboard. Just your average mass produced cigar. Nothing special. Buy the real Cuban h upmans. Those are awesome 2 5 1
Belicoso The 1844 Belicoso is the top of their “economy line” very good consisten flavors and a medium body. Pairing good with a single malt of nice bourbon 5 5 1
Belicoso This is a really nice cigar well made and good draw. The flavor of this cigar is really noice and enjoyable. Overall worth trying 4 5 1
Belicoso Mmmm mmmm good. Not the most flavorful and not the most complex but a great smoke from start to finish. Cedar hay cream and tobacco. Well constructed and burns sharp. 4 5 1
Belicoso This cigar is built so well the draw is nice and the flavor is as well. I like this stick 4 5 1
Belicoso H.Uppman is a good smoke for around the yard while grilling or just relaxing with friends. 4 5 1
Belicoso If a person did cigar reviews on looks alone the H. Upmann Belicoso wins five star reviews night and day. Not only is it a beautiful looking Belicoso it has flavors consistency and construction to match. I can see why President Kennedy was a fan of this cigar. If you're looking for a mild to medium blend full flavored cigar then stop looking because you found it. 4 5 1
Belicoso Good straight up classic cigar flavors. Burn was decent. Needed one touch up. I'd get it again on sale. 5 5 1
Belicoso Heard about this from a relative and decided to give it a try. Pleased with it. 4 5 1
Belicoso One of my favorite brands I always keep stock of. H. Upmann has always given some of the best in flavor and construction. 4 5 1
Belicoso I smoked two of these. After the first one I waited for the others to be in the humidor a while. The second one was as bad or worse than the first. Very tough draw and very little smoke. 1 5 1
Belicoso Was expecting more from this smoke. The flavor was a let down for me personally. Draw was good and construction but I didn’t care for the flavor. 3 5 1
Belicoso This is an above average habano. Got it in a sampler. Nutty woody leathery profile. It is definitely well aged tobacco and u can taste the quality. 4 5 1
Belicoso This is my absolute favorite cigar. I am always on the hunt for this cigar on the auctions. A great medium full cigar with some spice to it. 5 5 1
Belicoso The 1844 is flawless in it's aging and blending Upmann spends a ton on the wrapper and my mouth appreciates it 5 5 1
Belicoso This wont provide a veru complex experience but it performs well enough I suppose. Decent burn with a few touchups necessary. 2 5 1
Belicoso The H. Uppman 1844 bellisico is a delicious well constructed classic smoke great flavor decently complex but more of a classic profile great burn and a beautiful cigar to look at good aroma 4 5 1
Belicoso I love the shape of this cigar..fits right in your mouth..spicy mid day cigar..lots of nuts too. Strongly recommend.. 5 5 1
Belicoso these are a middle of the road stick with enough rest can be good but to me not great i think they can be better 3 5 1
Belicoso This was pretty delicious nothing but mildness coming from this one but that's my opinion 4 5 1
Belicoso good cigar with nice tobacco flavor. I had no problems with burn or draw. construction was excellent. 4 5 1
Belicoso This is an excellent cigar! I'm a big fan of shaped cigars and this is one of the best! Terrific construction and great flavor just like most Upmann smokes. 5 5 1
Belicoso This is my go-to cigar when I need an incredibly smooth smoke. The 1844 Reserve gets a good rating in construction and consistency and really shines with it's mild-medium flavor and extremely smooth draw. 5 5 1
Belicoso I tried this cigar at a bbq and was happily surprised by how much I enjoyed it. This cigar was great to say the least 5 5 1
Belicoso It was ok. Just not all there in some parts. Could improve on wrap quality and a different blend 3 5 1
Belicoso Excellent draw and flavor on this stogie right here! I will be adding more to my humi next weekend. Give it a try! 5 5 1
Belicoso Mild and smooth flavors of wood and leather some nuts and mild spice too. Very consistent medium body and good burn. Construction was pretty much perfect. 4 5 1
Belicoso Not to bad tight draw with a few construction problems. I had a few of these and i wasnt too impressed. Still worth a try 3 5 1
Belicoso I usually hate the non Cuban counterparts to big Cuban brands. H. Upmann has always been the exception. Great value and consistent quality. 5 5 1
Belicoso The 1844 reserveis anything but reservethis cigar will blow you away with the easy drawgreat burnwell structured cigarsmoke a few of these babies and would have to put them high on my list these babies I would have to rate them a 9 out of 10 4 5 1
Belicoso Very consistent cigar you can cut the end and finish later if you choose goes great with coffee 2 5 1
Belicoso This is a AWSOME smoke I would smoke this cigar everyday. Grab one and let the history make its self. 5 5 1
Belicoso Very good cigar upmans are another favorite od mine. These are a 10 great flavor burn construction 5 5 1
Belicoso The H. Upmann Reserve is a nice stick and one you should try if you are a fan of their lineup. 3 5 1
Belicoso I first was introduced to this cigar last Summer at a friends retreat. After nearly smoking half a box these smokes became one of my best friends 4 5 1
Belicoso Cedar leather flavors medium body. Good burn. Good smoke slightly loose draw. Better as a slower smoke (can get spicy). Consistent across the box. Dependable cigar. 4 5 1
Belicoso Upmann is one of my favourites. I truly think they do a great job. I am yet to dislike any of their cigars I have tried. I cannot say anything bad about this cigar. Amazing. 4 5 1
Belicoso This cigar is aces. Beautiful construction with good flavor. Price is not too bad as well. 4 5 1
Belicoso Decent cigars. Nothing all that crazy. Lacked flavor and not so great of a draw. I don't recommend it if you want a mediocre cigar get this 3 5 1
Belicoso Upmann cigars are always a great smoke . Easy draw. great constructions smooth smoke on all their cigars. 5 5 1
Belicoso This brand had good flavor and burns very well. Very enjoyable cigar smooth draw and medium strength. Great with a glass of whiskey. 5 5 1
Belicoso I was surprised how much I like this. I read a few reviews that were not so positive so I had an idea going into it. I have to say this was a very nice cigar - small spice and a blend of flavors that was spectacular. Would recommend this to any avid cigar smoker it is a must try 4 5 1
Belicoso The 1844 is a decent cigar with a ok draw not great. The flavor is mild but maybe a tad to mild for my liking. The wrap was nice and tight and the consistency is pretty good I would try them again. 2 5 1
Belicoso This cigar has a slight nutty and spicy flavor. Medium flavor has great a flow and great burn. I recommend this cigar. 4 5 1
Belicoso Very good cigar nice even draw consitant flavors and well constructed. Great pairing for any alcoholic beverage. Makes for a relaxing evening. 5 5 1
Belicoso H. Upmann is a good stand by for a daily smoke. These are okay for me. I prefer a more fully bodied cigar but it is a quality smoke. 3 5 1
Belicoso Love this stick. My go to in the morning this past month. Coffee and a donut haha goes great with my morning routine and easy to smoke no effort just a great beautiful stick 4 5 1
Belicoso These reserve H. Upmann are regulars in my humidor when everything else fails I always go back to this reserve for flavor and consistency. 4 5 1
Belicoso The 1844 smokes very good burns well. It has a nice peppy taste with some leather and cream overtones . 5 5 1
Belicoso One of the best cigars on the market especially for the price. Nutty flavor all the way through with some spice and wood flavor to finish. Good now and for humidor storage. 5 5 1
Belicoso The H.Upman 1844 Reserve Belicoso is a finely well crafted cigar. It is wrapped in a smooth oily wrapper. It has a nice easy draw and burns even throughout . This is a very tasty well made cigar that will take over an hour to thoroughly enjoy. So put some time aside and kick back with one of these! 5 5 1
Belicoso Good stuff I've had a few of these over the last year. Perfect for the after dinner outside listening to music enjoying the sun going down. Not a quicky. 4 5 1
Belicoso These are very nice torpedoes cigars H upmann is always some of the best construction. Rapper is mild to medium but these cigars do sometimes have a hot finish. 5 5 1
Belicoso Like all the cigars from this brand this is a very good cigar. Good construction and the flavor picks up as you go. 3 5 1
Belicoso You just can't go wrong with H. Upmann. They can be mild but the reserve line hits all the notes for me. Great cigar 5 5 1
Belicoso I like this stick. Strong tobacco flavor with pepper coating the mouth. Lots of smoke. Would buy again. 4 5 1
Belicoso I love everything about H. Upmann cigars. These are one of my favorites. Smooth with a little bit of nuttiness. Perfect for and time of day. 5 5 1
Belicoso I tried this one a few years ago from a buddy. Not a big fan of it though. Maybe bc it was one of my first cigars I smoked and wasn't into them yet but from what I can remember the flavor was harsh but the draw was pretty good 4 5 1
Belicoso This is one of those cigars that you can smoke at any time and you know the quality and the build is going to be perfect. The last time I had one of these was right after I got a big promotion I walked in picked it up paid for it and I knew right away it was going to be a great smoke I recommend this to anyone looking for solid cigar 5 5 1
Belicoso This cigar is perfect if you enjoy Upmann. The flavor is rich and warm with a toasty finish. The binder leaf from Ecuador really brings out its flavor and the natural oils in the wrapper are very inviting. This is an excellent cigar if you like a lighter smoke. 4 5 1
Belicoso The cigar is very well rolled and flawless . The draw is good and the body is a mild side of medium. A very good ole standard. 4 5 1
Belicoso Nice medium bodied cigar with notes of nuts cedar and pepper. Great construction and draw. Good value for the price. 4 5 1
Belicoso Don't like the H upmans sorry. I just can't get with him I don't care if it's the banker or this thing I just I just don't like them. You might though. 3 5 1
Belicoso My this is a TASTY CIGAR! I got a box of the Belicoso and they are spice sticks! Rich but not to strong. Creamy but not to mild. Oily oily wrapper that is bronze chocolate! The draw is perfect the burn is perfect! I have smoked Cubanos that were not this good! Get a box of these and add them to your humidor. Great job H.Upmann! 4 5 1
Belicoso The classic H. Upmann line from the Dominican Republic recently underwent a complete overhaul. Packing change a slightly tweaked blend and even a new front mark - H. Upmann 1844 Reserve. 5 5 1
Belicoso H Upman is one if my go to better cigars for the price. I have ordered and reordered these so many times. Excellent cigar and smoke and smooth 5 5 1
Belicoso Really really like this cigar. A bit skeptical at first but was curious to try it so I grabbed the Honduran lovers viii sampler. Very rich and full of flavor. Nutty plus cocoa plus dark coffee flavors. Will def grab this again. Classic smoke. 5 5 1
Belicoso Loved the shape and it had the appeal of a cigar that I like. Good flavored with tones of the usual cigar flavored. Loved the aroma as well. 4 5 1
Belicoso I haven't had to many H. Upmanns but this is one of the few I've had. A really well made cigar. would def. buy again 4 5 1
Belicoso Upmann makes some fine cigars and the 1844 is probably their best price point. It is smooth creamy and spicy. 5 5 1
Belicoso Just an incredible smoke a smoke that shoukd be thoroughly enjoyed and a definite purchase it will definitely have front row seats in my humidor and an absolute go to when I want a daily smoke 5 5 1
Belicoso Under the dark chocolate wrapper is a smoke full of elegance and class that is a classic blend and the epitome of a great smoke it is a definite buy and will always have a home in my humidor 5 5 1
Belicoso Elegance an class wrapped in a chocolatey habana wrapper it is te epitome if an incredible smoke it's worth the price and is a humidor definite stick it is incredible and worth every cent 5 5 1
Belicoso My new favorite cigar. An amazing taste great quality. More of a moderate strength cigar. I would say it's better than The Banker cigars. 4 5 1
Belicoso This H. Upmann was a pretty good smoke. Mild to medium with a smooth smoke and non invasive taste. Good smoke for the midday yard work hobbyist. 3 5 1
Belicoso I don't really smoke upmann but this one I had to try... It was a pretty quick burner in which I like the longer burning stick 4 5 1
Belicoso Draw was a little firm but opened up as I got into the cigar. The flavors included some coffee and a little sweetness imparted from the wrapper. 3 5 1
Belicoso Can't go wrong with an h uppman. They always pack a good punch even for a milder cigar and I love he torpedo vitola for ease of the smoke and re clipping it. 4 5 1
Belicoso H. Upmann is a grwat brand and everyone needs to try this spectacular cigar. Aged and not short on flavor. Wonderful 4 5 1
Belicoso This is a very satisfying smoke very similar to fine Cuban cigars. The wrapper was coming apart a little which is the reason I knocked it down one notch on construction. This cigar is a little pricey at about $8ea. It is worth the price though. I will be buying more 4 5 1
Belicoso This cigar is perfect especially for the H. Upmann fans. The construction of this cigar is wonderful and the draw is the just as great. I always keep these on hand and on the humidor at home. 5 5 1
Belicoso Beautiful handmade medium to full flavor. It has a lightly spicy nutty flavor with a consistent burn and draw. 5 5 1
Belicoso I like it but the favor is not that good!! The draw is okay could be better.. I would order more if I had too do so.. 4 5 1
Belicoso nuch like what you would expect from Upmann this smoke is constructed well burns slow and even and has plenty of flavor. I can't say I like this stick more than the vintage caMaroon but it's definitely Upmann and is vwry nice. 4 5 1
Belicoso This was one of my first cigars. I will never forget it. I absolutely love H Uppman and they are always a go to. Great smoke. Smooth and just a bit of kick 4 5 1
Belicoso Great cigar which is no surprise as it is an upmann. I have smoked many cigars but find upmann to be on of my most enjoyed stories. The flavor is a great experience with a nice satisfying taste with a good richness and smoothness. The structure is excellent and draws easily. The Cigar has a nice consistent delivery through the entire burn. Another great upmann product. 5 5 1
Belicoso Great cigar great tast great flover one of my favorite cigars to smoke over the summer on the hot nights with a drink 4 5 1
Belicoso The H.Uppman 1944 Belicoso reserve is amongst my top ten favorite cigars of ALL time. In my opinion It is the best H. UPmann of ALL time perfect draw balance and consistency. 5 5 1
Belicoso A bit stronger than a standard Upmann. Great earthy and leathery character with a touch of spice. A good everyday smoke. 3 5 1
Belicoso Well it's a H Upmann the name says it all great cigar with a reputation for a good smoke from the first puff to the last 4 5 1
Belicoso I didn't really care for this or the banker.aybe I just don't like H Uppman blends. Sometimes we can't have it all in life. 3 5 1
Belicoso Very solid cigar. The wrapper had a nice shine and no veins. The burn was smooth and tasty. Notes of earth throughout. 4 5 1
Belicoso This is one of my favorite cigars! The flavor is the best and consistent all the way through. The draw is always perfect! A perfect gift to yourself. 4 5 1
Belicoso The 1844 reserve is heavy in the hand . This cigar goes very well with a nice glass of bourbon ( I was finishing of the last of the crown royal xr red) a lot of thick creamy to nutty smoke they paired very well 4 5 1
Belicoso A wonderful Smoke staying true to the roots of H. Upman. Nice ash. Great flavor. Slow burn. They continue to improve with age. I leave mine in for about a year before I light them up 4 5 1
Belicoso Dominican Nicaraguan Ecuadorean....what's not to love. Amazing smoke that's all that's needed really but it's a full bodied smoke that seems rather smooth. 5 5 1
Belicoso This is a great cigar if you like your cigars to taste like cigars. Not a good choice though if you are married to a non cigar smoker it's very aromatic and seems to linger on me for days. But I actually kinda like that. It keeps me looking forward to the next one! 4 5 1
Belicoso Upmann's are great. This one tends to be a big on the tame side with milder flavors. Highly recommend the Belicoso for versatility. 3 5 1
Belicoso One of my favorite sticks! Always keep at least 5 in the humidor! Great flavors great draw! Amazing! 5 5 1
Belicoso I grabbed a box of these last year and noticed they get better with age (more so than most in my experience). Bold flavor and a great draw. 5 5 1
Belicoso I have a box of these in my humidor at all times. It is my go to cigar. Construction is flawless and an even better draw. 5 5 1
Belicoso There's not much that can really be said about this cigar. In all ways it is mediocre. The wrapper cracks easily the flavor is nothing special and the draw may or may not have plugs depending on the individual stick. More of an everyday smoke than the its-a-boy cigar 3 5 1
Belicoso H.Upmann is one of my favorites. A great cigar. I know I've got something to look forward to with these in the humidor. 4 5 1
Belicoso Nothing but goodness on this stick. Wow the stick is in great length for those who are looking for short smoke but it also delivers 5 5 1
Belicoso Nothings really special or out of the ordinary here decent well made smoke but won't knock anyone socks off 3 5 1
Belicoso Great cigar. Nice rich creamy wood and spice. Excellent cronstruction and consistency. Not terribly expensive either. Would recommend. 4 5 1
Belicoso The H. UPMANN 1844 RESERVE is a very smooth smoke. When i light one up i feel empowered! My top fave! 5 5 1
Belicoso hello Hr of men a nother Cuban roots old school brand sabila COSO shape I'm not really a fan of I think it would be better and just the normal to ship there's no advantage to the logo so that I can see 3 5 1
Belicoso The wrapper is what makes this cigar so recognizable I find it to be smooth though I did have issues keeping it lit towards the end and the burn was a tad uneven. Nevertheless I'd smoke this cigar again. 4 5 1
Belicoso H. Upmann 1844 reserve is a magnificent marvelous example of how to not over do something. The cigar is just enough without being too much. 4 5 1
Belicoso This cigar is medium bodied and full of flavors. Some construction problems here and there but a solid smoke nonetheless 3 5 1
Belicoso My buddy brought these out at a cookout recently. For those that like upmann cigars this one is a good one. Its a good milder cigar that still delivers with flavor. 4 5 1
Belicoso A classic example of the Upmann profile. Too mind for me but decent enough smoke with very good draw and smoke amount 4 5 1
Belicoso Great drawgreat taste. I got a sweet spicy combo. Mild to start and finished medium to full. Will smoke again 4 5 1
Belicoso H. Upmann is one of the best cigar makers. Cigar is very consistant with mild to med flavors... My tastes have evolved past this cigar however it is a solid cigar 4 5 1
Belicoso This is a nice smooth medium-bodied smoke that's got a great flavor with notes of earth nuts pepper and cedar. I like the Belicoso but I really love the corona. 4 5 1
Belicoso A great consistent smoke everyday. Of all the pseudo Cuban brands these guys do it right. Always consistent. 3 5 1
Belicoso This is a great medium cigar until the last quarter of it when it starts to get bitter. This is a good smoke during the week has a nice flavor. 3 5 1
Belicoso I smoked a robusto two days ago and it was decent but not exceptional. A pretty straight forward amok with hints of leather. Nice retrohale. 4 5 1
Belicoso I was not surprised about this stick at all because H. Upmann is an excellent brand. I thought the stick was very flavorful with cedar leather and earth that bounced around my palate. Construction was A+ as usual and draw was excellent. Box worthy for sure! 4 5 1
Belicoso This stick has a unique Ecuadorian Cubano wrapper to compliment its Dominican filler. Gives off a cedar scent and sweet cedar taste. 3 5 1
Belicoso The h upmann 1844 is great the flavor the construction and the burn. Unbelievable value for the price 3 5 1
Belicoso Good smoke to mow the lawn with cause if it falls under the mower you aren't quite sure if the mower actually did you a favor 2 5 1
Belicoso Not a huge fan of the Upmann NC smokes and this was about average. Heavy tobacco with a slight leather. Not something I would smoke again. 3 5 1
Belicoso This cigar is perfect if you enjoy Upmann. The flavor is rich and warm with a toasty finish. The binder leaf from Ecuador really brings out its flavor and the natural oils in the wrapper are very inviting. This is an excellent cigar if you like a lighter smoke. 8/10 4 5 1
Belicoso I think I spelled that right ha ha. It is very nice smoke. I recommend to anyone who likes to golf. It was a nice burn flavorful and held up well. I'm kinda rough with cigars on the course. Smoke happy smoke always. 4 5 1
Belicoso Love the belocoso. This is a med. To full body cigar in my book. strong pepper at first. Then a spicy jab in the second third. Overall a awesome cigar. 4 5 1
Belicoso Absolutely one of the greatest cigar's I've ever had great flavors thru out the whole smokeand holds a nice tight ash 5 5 1
Belicoso Very very classic smoke with great aroma and flavor very well constructed stick always a cigar i can count on to give me the satisfaction of a nice smoke 4 5 1
Belicoso medium-to-full-bodied-flavors with delightful nutty undertones an even burn and a classic white ash. 3 5 1
Belicoso I have tried a number of the H. Upmans in sampler packs and they have yet to let me down. A smoke of beauty in my humble opinion. 4 5 1
Belicoso Very well constructed smooth tasting and even burning cigar. I will definitely order them again. 4 5 1
Belicoso Love the flavors in this cigar. Leathery nutty and earthy. My only complaint would be the construction. Got about halfway through and the stick just fell apart 3 5 1
Belicoso The first time I smocked one of these I loved took me a little while to get back to it (I like to try different things) smoked a couple more and they have never dissapinted all around one of the best 5 5 1
Belicoso All time favorite as well! I’ve been smoking these for over twenty five years! Nutty smooth! Great draw! This is a total winner! Full body all the way down! 5 5 1
Belicoso My favorite H. Upmann cigar excellent flavor consistency and burn. Definitely will order again 4 5 1
Belicoso I don’t always smoke cigars but when I do I smoke deezz bad boys! I smokes em back to back! 5 5 1
Belicoso From what I remember they are over all a great smoke I really enjoyed them. 4 5 1
Belicoso Pretty blah to me. Left a dry feel in my mouth after. Try the banker by them insread 3 5 1
Belicoso It has a great name and well deserved. Nice draw and smooth flavor. The construction is super 4 5 1
Belicoso Had once not sure if it was were I bought it from but didn't like the way it smoked... Willing to try again... 3 5 1
Belicoso Tasty medium bodied stick with a cedar and peppery taste which grew stronger to a medium full cigar towards the nub. The draw was very good but the burn was a bit uneven at times but overall cool smoke on the draw. 4 5 1
Belicoso Sweetness can be detected at first that leads to a light spice and clove. This cigar gives the true experience of a fine and well blended premium product. 3 5 1
Belicoso Not quite a favorite but it’ll do. The flavor is inconsistent from start to finish. Not a high recommendation from me. 3 5 1
Belicoso Oddly I dont have the taste buds for these. It's their cuban counterpart that does the best in this brand. I think these have a gas station vibe to them nowadays. 4 5 1
Belicoso Now this is a beauty. Well constructed nice flavor good price and all the above 5 5 1
Belicoso The H. Upmann 1844 Reserve Belicoso is a very tasty stogie with some earthiness and a hint of cedar 5 5 1
Belicoso I really enjoyed this cigar. It really burned very nicely and even. 5 5 1

H. Upmann 1844 Reserve

Belicoso 6.18 × 52 UP18BE_1

The beautifully constructed 1844 Reserve Belicoso feature-satisfying medium-to-full-bodied-flavors with delightful nutty undertones, and a slow, even burn. Packaged as a single cigar.

This popular award winning smoke was No. 15 on Cigar Aficionado’s 25 Best Cigars of 2012 with a rating of 93.

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Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Medium - Full



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