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Granger Its been years since I have even seen Granger for sale in a store, so I decided Id buy a tin. I know almost everything now is 12oz, but the file photo on this site still had a 14oz can, so I thought I might get lucky. I did not. I must say that the tobacco was a solid inch and a half below the rim. I shook the can hoping to fluff it up like most tobaccos, but nope. Stayed the same level. If this is truly 12oz I would be surprised. I have no doubt in 2021 these tins will suddenly be sold in 10oz cans If you ger my drift. Of note, I also purchased Velvet and Half/half. They fluffed up in their cans to some degree when shaken. Taste? Well I'm only 3 bowls in. I keep getting a faint umsweetened cocoa flavor over toasted bread. 3 bowls in isnt fair to judge, but all 3 bowls had the same effect on me. Honestly, kind of a old timey snuff flavor, like tube rose. Note? My wife said it smelled like "smoke". Just shrugged and said "smoke", like burning wood. I dont know, cant smell the smoke. Burn was fine. All I can really stand by at this time is: Meth Unless this makes an amazing change, itll be the last I ever buy. So far I put it well below C.Hall, H/H or P.A. for flavor, but in that same grain. JRs shipping was fantastic 2 5 1
Granger Well-priced 5 5 1
Granger Same stuff I have been smoking for over 60 years 4 5 1


Granger 11GRT

Granger Pipe Tobacco features rough-cut Burley, specially aged and treated in a secret time-honored process. This is a slow-burning, medium-bodied tobacco with a unique taste and aroma. Perfect for a relaxing smoke after a long day!

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12 OZ. TIN

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