Elie Bleu Cigar Humidors

New Medals 110-Cigar Humidor 3ELNMC

Elie Bleu New Medals 110-Cigar Humidor takes cigar storage to a completely new level of luxury. A rare and exotic dyed black Sycamore wood exterior with a hand drawn cigar in the middle of the box, surrounded by three little sculpted white squares and gorgeous script, will make this work-of-art a centerpiece in any home or office décor. The very best kiln dried aromatic cedar lines an interior that also includes an analog hygrometer and humidifier that fastens onto the back of the lid with a sturdy magnetic attachment system. To retain its luster and airtight functionality for a lifetime, the lovely wood exterior is air cured for a minimum of ten years to eliminate the possibility of cracking or warping. The New Medals 110-Cigar Humidor is a beauty to behold and a treasure to own.

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