4.454545454545454 33
Reserva Salado Great fragrance and even burn. Guys were bumming from me on golf course. Gotta get some more when they go on special again. Nice job with these 4 5 1
Reserva Salado Maybe I got a bad batch given all the good reviews of this stick but the flavor was horrible: bitter and harsh from the first puff to the last! A big surprising disappointment from ERdM! Glad I bought the five count not the 40 bundle Avoid this stick! 2 5 1
Reserva Salado Very nice cigar!! excellent draw great burn tasty. I will def. be ordering more of these cigars. 5 5 1
Reserva Salado The predaw was a balanced flavor with notes of sweet and chocolate. The finish after lighting was terrific. Go to cigar 4 5 1
Reserva Salado Firmly rolled with a beautiful oily wrapper. Pre-light aroma is intoxicating. Smooth throughout with a perfect draw. The cigar never turned on me and stayed consistent with a perfect ash. Med/Full strength 5 5 1
Reserva Salado I have been ordering the 40 pack for around d a decade now. These are my go to cigar! Ive smoked all the very expensive over priced brands and this cigar holds up and beats all of them out! It's a favorful medium bodied smoke but not gonna knock you on your socks for the new smoker. I highly recommend! Great long lasting and enjoyable to the last puff. If I could rate it higher I would! 5 5 1
Reserva Salado This is a solid smoke. Good mild-medium flavor. Construction is solid with even burn but is a fairly quick smoke. 4 5 1
Reserva Salado While I appreciate the Nicaraguan tobacco craze that started a few years back, Honduran tobacco holds top spot for my palate. This particular vitola is 6x54 packed full of leathery Honduran goodness with just a touch of walnut bitterness and a healthy dose of oily blue smoke. Sumatra wrapper is a gorgeous matte molasses color, with an occasional small blemish and moderate to prominent veins. Draw is on the firm side of perfect and burn is fairly consistent. Dove gray mottled ash drops every 3/4” or so and finish does not turn bitter. Super consistent flavor - if a bit one dimensional. Medium bodied at most. Recommended for the cigar lover looking for an earthy/dark flavor profile. The tissue wrapped 54 ring Oscuro series are just a bit more flavorful to me and add a sweet tobacco element, no doubt from the wrapper. 4 5 1
Reserva Salado Decent smoke. Good even burn. Good cigar for the golf course. 4 5 1
Reserva Salado El rey del Mundo is always dependable. At a good price it is outstanding. 5 5 1
Reserva Salado Good cigar but no way this is a 54 ring. Maybe 50 4 5 1
Reserva Salado ALMOST as good as my Cuban Cohiba's Excellent value Holds an ash for over 1 So no dropping ashes on your shirt. 5 5 1
Reserva Salado This El Ray is as good as they get if you've not tried them yet it's your loss!!!!! I started smoking the Reserve Slado when a box cost under a hundred bucks they haven't changed in twenty five years! The flavor is award winning Leather Cedar Spice and Tobacco.Construction is flawless as is the draw. The only other cigar with a better draw is Davidoff. They are truly THE KING OF THE WORLD 5 5 1
Reserva Salado Excellent construction smooth draw and what should be expected from an el Rey de mundo 4 5 1
Reserva Salado Great burn great taste an all round pleasure 4 5 1
Reserva Salado I've smoked 4 or 5 different El Rays. These are my favorites so far. Great budget sticks! 4 5 1
Reserva Salado It's a great every day smoke The flavor is outstanding consistency of the smoke is a medium 4 5 1
Reserva Salado Good smoke I enjoyed smoking this cigar while listening to jazz. My favorite thing to do! 4 5 1
Reserva Salado This is a great everyday smoke for someone who likes a stronger cigar. Medium to start and turns to a full flavor as you get thru it. Plenty of flavor and nice burn. 5 5 1
Reserva Salado Very good cigar. Picked up 5 pack of the Toros for under $20 . Competes with the eight dollar gars all day long 4 5 1
Reserva Salado Great premium cigar at nice price (even better when they are on sale! ) I've never been disappointed with any of the versions! 5 5 1
Reserva Salado This has become one of my favorites. I always keep some in my humidor. Even burn great draw (even if you punch) excellent construction great taste. 5 5 1
Reserva Salado When I smoked my first one I thought were have I been that I never smoked one of these 5 5 1
Reserva Salado The quality of the cigars are very good. The size is right for me because I rarely have time to sit for a longer cigar. What I really like is the cedar chest cone with 40 cigars. 5 5 1
Reserva Salado Good smoke 5 5 1
Reserva Salado Nice cigar. Good value. 5 5 1
Reserva Salado What a wonderful stick for the golf course! It has a great draw, earthy, walnut taste that is medium in strength, and a great value. I want more. 88 in my book. 4 5 1
Reserva Salado Great cigar for special occasions. 5 5 1
Reserva Salado A very consistent, high-end smoke. Full-bodied, yet smooth enough flavor spectrum to please many palates! 4 5 1
Reserva Salado I buy these when they go on sale, usually a couple of boxes at a time. For me they're a perfect golf course cigar in both size and flavor. If the roll was just a tiny bit betetr I'd give them a 5 star rating, but they're an easy 4 1/2. 4 5 1
Reserva Salado One of my favorite cigars, at any price point. 5 5 1
Reserva Salado I love this cigar. My pile dwindles fast. They are good fresh, better after a few months in a humidor. 5 5 1
Reserva Salado Super 5 5 1

El Rey del Mundo

Reserva Salado 6 × 54 RMCRS

A very dark Ecuador Sumatra wrapper along with aged Honduran filler create the full yet buttery-smooth flavor of this big Toro-sized cigar. What started out as a factory mistake in a wrapper color for another El Rey brand has turned into an immensely popular and abundantly flavorful smoke. Packaged in a box of 40.
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Ecuador Sumatra




Medium - Full


Box of 40

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