El Galan Campestre

Torpedo Maduro · 6.12 × 52 EGATO3

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The El Galan Campestre cigar in this artfully designed 6.12 × 52 Torpedo shape, features a luscious, oily, maduro wrapper paired with a perfectly aged blend of Nicaraguan binder and long-filler tobaccos. Sold at a price that just about any cigar enthusiast can afford, this medium-bodied stick boasts flawless construction, an easy draw, and scrumptious flavors of chocolate, pepper, dark fruit, spice, cedar, and leather.

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Dark Brown / Maduro

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1 out of 1 found this review helpful.

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Satisfied with 2/3rds

Smokeless Golfer on 09/28/18

Purchased 2 bundles for use primarily on the golf course based on reviews and price . Although some were very good, many would not stay lit and had little or no draw. Tossed about 1/3 away shortly after they were lit. Would not buy again.


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Agar on 01/18/19

Oh It's a Very nice cigar. Perfect taste with chocolate aroma, I feel pepper too! Good co struction and consistency. I recommend


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What's there to complain about

Mikehowe59 on 10/20/18

I just keep purchasing them...


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2nd Review: 1 Torcedor Issue.

Hatchetman1314 on 09/20/18

I've smoked over 20 of these and they start off with a perfect draw and billows of smoke, but I have found that 80% have a plug or develop a pocket in the filler about 1"-2" from the foot. In most cases, blowing back through the cigar will clear it, but in some cases the Pocket is the size of a marble and you'll have to guillotine/cut the just below the pocket and re-light. If you do blow through it, watch for sparks shooting out. These are caused by the trapped burnt tobacco embers. These cigars taste great, but can be tricky if you don't have a large ring gauge cutter and butane lighter.


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BUY NOW. What RU waiting for??????

Hatchetman1314 on 09/04/18

I was enticed by the 20 @ $24.25 price, but now I'm hooked. I just bought 2 more orders and topped off my 4th humidor. I wish I had more room to order more. Everything about these cigars screams Excellence: Smooth draw that billows smoke with a white to light grey ash and it stays lit. Seamless construction with evenly distributed tobacco leaves (& long filler) with oily Maduro wrapper and no plugs. Flavor that builds in complexity as it burns - notes of Leather, Cocoa, Cinnamon, & Cedar. I've never seen better at any price when it comes to Consistency: I've smoked 14 of the 20 and only 2 have had a very slight canoe, which corrected itself. I've removed the bands and given these to "Cigar Snob" friends of mine and they were blown away by them. They were guessing $12-$18 a stick and (based on my preference) thinking these were My Father and Padron ....but they forgot how cheap I am :-) .