El Galan Campestre

Double Corona Maduro · 7.5 × 50 EGADC3

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El Galan Campestre Double Corona is an economy priced premium handmade cigar with the quality and taste of a costly high-end brand. The cigars are flawlessly rolled in a big 7.5 × 50- ring size with a dark and oily maduro wrapper atop perfectly aged Nicaraguan binder and long fillers. Boasting a solid medium-bodied profile, this big stick is brimming with lush flavors of chocolate, pepper, dark fruit, spice, cedar, and leather. 

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Medium - Full

Dark Brown / Maduro

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Worst cigar I have ever purchased

mjr012 on 08/20/18

Received these and immediately opened the package to view this new, for me, cigar. The first thing that hit me was the sour odor of a mildewed bale of hay. As I removed them from the cellophane for storage in a humidor several things became apparent. First the sour mildewed hay odor be came worse. Seccond, the caps were totally off of four cigars, 5 or more had split and abrsions on the foot. Several others had small cuts on the wrapper. All appeared dried out. Put them in a humidor for a week and tried to smoke one. Lighting it was an experience, it lit up like a flare and literally had to blow the flame out. Got about 4 draws on it and the cigar wrapper totally unwound and fell on the ground, still burning. Did I mentioned it also tasted exactly like moldy hay? Left them in a humidore for about a month. Lit one up last night, it still flared up pretty badly, burned unevenly and had to be touched up way too often. It produced an odorous smoke that still had a burnt straw taste. Needless to say the draw was not very good, It was rather like sucking water through a straw. Eventually had to put it out. This is without a doubt the worst cigar I have ever smoked. I did not expect a lot considering the price but I did expect something that was constructed of something other than the sweepings of a stable floor. Shame on JR for selling this awful imitation of a "premium hand rolled cigar". Just to make sure there is no mis-understanding, I do not recommend this cigar to anyone, under any circumstance.


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Art on 02/23/19

El Gałan Campestre double corona is a great cigar with ourstanding look, a lot of sweetnes, cedar and great smoke


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El Galan Campestre Double Corona Maduro

Elwe on 02/21/19

The El Galan Campestre Double Corona Maduro is a decent afternoon or evening smoke. Not too mild.


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Bad product on 02/12/19

Didn't light and cigar broke apart while trying to inhale


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Agar on 01/17/19

This is Very nice cigar with really Good taste. Nice construction, smell and consistency. In my opinion 8/10