Djarum Black Classic

Black Classic Gold 10/6Pk 3.50 × 20 DJCG

Djarum Black Classic Gold is a smooth mellow-to-medium bodied cigar that’s machine made in Indonesia using a natural blend of premium tobacco, enhanced with the exotic essence of clove. For more than half a century these unique cigars have been pleasing smokers with rich, distinctly delicious flavors of chocolate, pepper, clove and vanilla, all backed by a fruity aroma . These highly fragrant cigars are fashioned in a slim 3.50 × 20 size, and is sold in a 10/ 6 PK selection that can easily fit in a shirt pocket, jacket, briefcase, carry on luggage, or backpack. It’s the ideal cigar for a quick and rewarding 15 -minute cigar break from your busy day, while also being a tasty option for smokers on the go that don’t have time to kick back and relax with a larger handmade premium cigar. Order yours from JR Cigar, and expand your palate with exotically delicious flavors that are not found on any other handmade or machine-made cigar.

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Homogenized Tobacco Leaf

Homogenized Tobacco Leaf



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