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Diamond Crown

Figurado No. 6 6 × 64 DI6_1

Available for sale one at a time, the Diamond Crown Figurado No. 6 premium luxury cigar is handmade with a delicate yet decadent blend of Dominican top-quality tobaccos surrounded by a double-fermented Connecticut shade natural wrapper leaf of velvety-soft light brown. With a mellow-to-medium bodied strength profile, the Diamond Crown Figurado No. 6 offers creamy and compelling characteristics within a rich and rewarding premium cigar.

Featuring a refined recipe that is the creative collaboration of the famed Carlos Fuente and the late, great Stanford Newman, the Diamond Crown Figurado No. 6 is a silky-smooth, skillfully shaped cigar in a stout and sturdy 6 x 64 size. Though a full box of 15 Diamond Crown Figurado No. 6 cigars is a definite (and worthwhile) commitment in terms of price, our single-cigar purchasing option allows enthusiasts an economical way to indulge in its elegance while buying handmade premium luxury cigars online.

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Connecticut Shade

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Mellow - Medium