Davidoff 702 Series

2000 · 5 × 43 DAT25E

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Using the same premium aged binder and filler tobaccos found on the original 2000 blend, the Davidoff 702 Series 2000 Pack cigars feature a special wrapper leaf germinated from three Cuban seeds that were cultivated in the rich volcanic soil of Ecuador. Labeled as “702” this super-delicious top leaf adds a zesty component the full flavored notes of earth, spice, coffee, wood, and subtle hints of pepper. Available in 5 packs of 5, this new luxury- class offering puts a bold new spin on a timeless Davidoff classic. 

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Ecuador Cuban Seed

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic


Medium Brown / EMS

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The 702 is for you

Tat Man Do on 05/20/18

Do you really need a review to decide if this cigar is good? No, of course not, because you already know Davidoff makes damn fine cigars. Is it worth the money? Only you can answer that for yourself. So what can I tell you to help you decide if you want to buy the 702 Series 2000? Let's see.... Construction is excellent. I wont say perfect but its not far from it. The burn line is dead nuts straight. In fact you could probably use this burn line to frame a house. Unlike my first cheapo humidor this is a well constructed handmade product. Taste is subjective. I cant say if you wll like this stick or not. What I can tell you is that Ive smoked many ofnthe classic Davidoff 2000 and around 10 or so of the 702 2000. The 702 wrapper leaf amps flavor and pepper without being overbearing. This doesn't have the same mellow creaminess of a classic Davidoff wrapper. Personally I like it a lot. I smoke more Padron 64 and 26, Tatuaje, Liga Privada Unicos and Davidoff Millenium Blend than anything else. I find the 702 2000 to be a great morning smoke as ut starts off with a lot of baking spice flavors and an underlying sweetness. As the first third closes ot the sweetness fades away and an earthy compnonent takes its place. Instead of baking spices (lots of cinnamon, some nutmeg, like flavors) the stick gets more savory and peppery. The final third the stick gets warm so keep your draws smaller and less frequent. The flavor stays savory, the earthy component returns and the pepper makes its way from white to almost cayenne-like. The pepper can get overwhelmed nesr thr nub if you overheat the stick so be cautious. Draw is excellent on all the sticks I have had from Davidoff. No exception here. Is it worth the money? Thats a tough call. This isnt what I would think of as a celebratory cigar. Its a bit small for a celebratory cigar and I dont beleve it will stand up well against a flavorful adult beverage. A dram of whisky would walk all over the subtle flavors. Coffee might be okay. A lighter tea would work well. If you have the means to buy a 5 pack then give them a try. I dont think you will be disappointed by any means. While the 702 2000 is really good, the 702 No.2 (factory store or Davidoff website only) is better for my tastes. If you can source the 702 2000 and the classic 2000 at a local shop then pick two of each up and do your own comparisons.