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Davidoff Cigarillos and Small Cigars

Demi-Tasse 4 × 25 DAVMDTP_1

Davidoff Demi-Tasse cigars offer the same luxury experience as their full-sized counterparts in the form of a quick twenty- minute smoke. Fashioned in a stealthy 4 x 25-ring size, these decadent little jewels feature top quality long filler tobaccos from Indonesia, Brazil and the Caribbean, rolled inside an Indonesian binder, and a smooth, silky Sumatran wrapper. Serious cigar connoisseurs on the go will savor a mellow smoke brimming with lush notes of cocoa, leather, cedar, caramel, and hints of sweet spice. Now available in single packs for your sampling pleasure! 

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Brazil / Indonesia

Dominican Republic

Mellow - Medium


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