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Timeless Collection 3-Pack DAVTC3

It can be difficult to decide on the best Davidoff cigar while buying premium handmade cigars online. With the Davidoff Timeless Collection 3-Pack cigar sampler, you'll have a selection of diverse Dominican cigars from Davidoff's tried-and-true luxury cigar lineup, which always celebrates time well spent.

Containing five travel-friendly sets each holding a trio of different Davidoff handmade premium cigars, each of the five Davidoff Timeless Collection 3-Pack cigar samplers (containing 15 cigars in all) offers one luxurious little lineup that is not only a great way to always be ready with a generous gift for a fellow Davidoff fan but also an elegant option for any sophisticated smoker interested in comparing and contrasting the characteristics of different premium handmade Davidoff cigar creations expertly crafted to ensure that your time with a cigar is always time well spent.


1 Davidoff Aniversario Series No. 3

1 Davidoff Mille Series 2000

1 Davidoff Special Series Special "R"

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Dominican Republic



5 Packs of 3 (15 total)

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