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Super Mazos Back in the early 90's, Cuba Aliados was the "go to" cigar. The oily wrapper was superb. The color was a deep golden wrap with a bit or red. The ash was almost pure white and the aroma was incredible. So what do we have now? A stick that has no decent aroma and the ash is either dark gray or black. It has absolutely to relationship with the Cuba Aliados of yesteryear. Sad. The Reyes Family in Honduras really had some fantastic tobacco. The current price of these cigars is usurious. Again; so sad. 2 2 1

Cuba Aliados

Super Mazos 5 × 60 CASM560

 Cuba Aliados Super Mazos cigars are premium handmade gems made by the famous Reyes family in Honduras. This expertly blended medium-full body assortment of aged of Cuban-seed tobaccos are covered by a smooth and elegant dark chocolate-brown wrapper. Cigar aficionados will savor a slow burning smoke with flavorful notes of earthy spices, nuts, and cedar, that will provide an overall exquisite experience.

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