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Firebird Sidewinder Gray Lighter Worst lighter i ever have. Flame adjustment isn't working as it should. Flame is so big and strong nevertheless is set up to the lower flame valve!. Lighter is pretty and thin and been thin is a con because you have to fill up every day. 1 5 1
Firebird Sidewinder Gray Lighter Lit most of the time, still had issues in the window 4 5 1
Firebird Sidewinder Gray Lighter This lighter is not only attractive, but it works great! I even used it at the beach and it worked in the wind. I am happy with this lighter and I even bid on another one in the JR Auctions! Totally stoked! 5 5 1
Firebird Sidewinder Gray Lighter It's a real nice slim flat for pocket lighter, I adjusted flame to medium height. It's a strong single burner flame for cigars even outdoors. You barely know it's in your slacks pocket. I've used it several weeks, the only bad thing is you have to fill it every other day, I light & relight cigs daily. Butane reservoir isn't quite large enough for me. But I love the slimness design of this little pocket lighter. Thanks JR 5 5 1

Colibri Cigar Lighters

Firebird Sidewinder Gray Lighter 3FBSWG

Firebird Sidewinder Gray Lighter from Colibri is all your all- in-one solution for lighting your favorite premium cigars and pipes. Within a super-slim, elegant design, a powerful single torch flame comes out at an angle for easily lighting either your favorite premium cigars or your pipe tobacco without burning the bowl. Equipped with a flame adjuster and a flame-viewing window, this affordable and very versatile lighter is the perfect companion for your favorite pipes and cigars.

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