Colibri Cigar Cutters

Black V-Cut 3CVCB

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An interesting take on the basic cigar V-cutter, it’s not only eye-catching in sleek black, but also ergonomically designed for a comfortable and clean cut (up to a 60 ring) due to premium steel blades and precise spring-loaded release.
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Also available as 90 Year Gunmetal And Red V-Cut,90 Year Gold and Black V-Cut,90 Year Gunmetal V-Cut,90 Year Gunmetal and Blue V-Cut,Black & Chrome V-Cut,Black & Gold V-Cut,Black & Rose Gold V-Cut,Black Carbon Fiber Slice,Black Gunmetal S-Cut,Black Leather Pouch,Black S-Cut Cutter,Black and Dark Burl Cigar Cutter,Black and Light Burl Cigar Cutter,Black and Red Wood Cigar Cutter,Blue & Black V-Cut,Blue S-Cut Cutter,Chrome S-Cut Cutter,Double Guillotine With Black Color Coated Blades,Double Guillotine With Blue Color Coated Blades,Double Guillotine With Orange Color Coated Blades,Double Guillotine With Red Color Coated Blades,Double Guillotine With White Color Coated Blades,Double Guillotine With Yellow Color Coated Blades,Firebird Nighthawk Black Cutter,Firebird Nighthawk Cutter,Firebird Nighthawk Gray Cutter,Firebird Nighthawk Red Cutter,Gold S-Cut Cutter,Quasar 1928 Punch Black,Quasar 1928 Punch Charcoal,Quasar 1928 Punch Red,Quasar 1928 Punch Silver,Quasar Black,Quasar Cut Black,Quasar Cut Black And Chrome,Quasar Cut Blue,Quasar Cut Charcoal,Quasar Cut Green,Quasar Cut Red,Quasar Gunmetal,Quasar Red,Quasar Silver,Red & Black V-Cut,Red S-Cut Cutter,Rose Gold S-Cut Cutter,S-Cut Black And Black Serrated,S-Cut Chrome and Black Serrated,S-Cut Gunmetal Serrated,S-Cut Rose and Black Serrated,S-Cutter Black & Black Cutter,S-Cutter Black & Blue Cutter,S-Cutter Black & Red Cutter,SV-Cut Black/Black,SV-Cut Black/Chrome,SV-Cut Chrome/Black,SV-Cut Gunmetal,SV-Cut Rose/Black,Silver Carbon Fiber Slice,V-Cut Black Carbon Fiber Cigar Cutter,V-Cut Blue Carbon Fiber Cigar Cutter,V-Cut Red Carbon Fiber Cigar Cutter,V-Cut Silver Carbon Fiber Cigar Cutter.

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Colibri V-Cut Cutter gets five stars from me

Ocala Jack on 05/09/17

The Colibri Black V-Cut Cigar Cutter is the best I've owned in the many years I've been using V-Cut cutters. A bit heavy to be carrying in a pocket, but worth that to experience its smooth and precise action.- a joy compared to the other V-cutters I've had.


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Great V cutter

Anthony R on 02/05/19

Great product. New to cigar smoking and this is the way I smoked my first cigar V cut. So i had to get one.


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Great cutter

Tgmiller77 on 05/08/18

Great change of pace from a straight cut. Can’t go wrong with Colibri either. Fantastic quality!


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Brady on 08/23/17

My V-Cut came in today (August 23, 2017) and on my break, I picked it up from the front desk of my apartment complex. I tried it out on some cigars I've been smoking for 3 months now. I smoked something that seems way different, because it had much more flavor than all the other ones I've smoked the last 3 months. it is just so amazing and I'm in awe of how fantastic it is. It's the perfect cutter at a very reasonable price!


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Quality tool. on 08/04/17

I first saw this at a b&M, and was really impressed with the precise cut and neatness. This cutter does cut a deep V. Built well and high quality blade.