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4 x 60 Picked up this vitola at a local shop - my first ever CLE cigar. The flavor was medium and "average" as it wasn't over the top with peppery tastes, wasn't bad, but also want the most memorable. Where it was memorable was in the construction department; this 4x60 was slow burning but easy to draw and lasted as long as many 5-5.5" sticks last me, easily. I smoke on car rides in my convertible, which is on custom stiffer racing suspension — despite the wind whipping with the top down and bumps from the aftermarket suspension, this little nub smoked down to about an inch before I was able to tap the ash off effortless (had I not been in my car I would have let it fallen on it's own accord). Good for a 30-40 minute smoke, not a power cannon, and excellent construction. 4 4 1

CLE Chaparros Habano

4 x 60 4 × 60 CLEH460

The CLE Chaparros Habano 4 x 60 cigar is a full bodied, yet creamy smooth Cuban- style smoke made with 100% Nicaraguan tobaccos. The result is a smoke brimming with satisfying flavors of white pepper, espresso, nuts, and cream. Flawlessly rolled and delicious, CLE Habano is a fantastic premium handmade cigar.

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Honduras / Nicaragua / Peru


Medium - Full


Box of 25

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