4.320754716981132 53
Vintage III good puffs on a relaxing night...quick smoke on a nice get away good smell...good well done burn ashes. 3 5 1
Vintage III I have been an R&J blind believer up until now... These were OK not predictably great this time... In my opinion something has taken a wrong turn in the predictably of this brand... 4 5 1
Vintage III Been smoking these for years. Latest box something has changed flavors not the same don't know what happened maybe I got a bad box. has anyone else experienced the same? 3 5 1
Vintage III What you would expect from RyJ. Good draw and flavor profile. Solid construction and burn. 4 5 1
Vintage III This is a pretty good little mild cigar. Usually a pretty good draw. Smokes well. I like heavier smoke usually. But these are a nice change up every now and then 4 5 1
Vintage III The five pack that I got found 3 of the 5 cigars to have a draw so terrible that the cigar could not be smoked. It was like sucking on a thick milk shake. Too bad too since the flavor on the others was quite nice. Very inconsistent draw on these. 2 5 1
Vintage III Keep up with an offer a lot more than in that is a great deal to an offer a good for a year of an offer 5 5 1
Vintage III This is a well constructed cigar..however I think that most Romeo and Julieta cigars taste very similar..not a lot of flavor..maybe agood breakfast smoke.. 5 5 1
Vintage III The perfect cigar in my opinion love to sit by a river and enjoy the rich cocoa and floral aroma 5 5 1
Vintage III The Vintage III is a well constructed cigar that is both smooth in draw and in taste. 4 5 1
Vintage III My favorite cigar for years now and always consistent. I burn my fingers trying to get all I can out of every smoke. Love it. 5 5 1
Vintage III Great mild cigar burns great and just long enough ! 5 5 1
Vintage III Very smooth and creamy. The draw is very easy and the look is fantastic. 4 5 1
Vintage III Delicious smokes. Smooth and silky. Nice draw with hints of subtle spices. A fantastic evening treat with coffee liqueur or a great whiskey... can't go wrong with these babies. 5 5 1
Vintage III Great tasting superb draw can't say enough about this cigar. Perfect for daily consumption. Good music pint of becks and a vintage romeo life doesn't get much better... 5 5 1
Vintage III One of the my all time favorites! When I was a newbie at cigar smoking I stumbled on to these and loved them and then for many years they fell by the wayside as I developed my palate. Years went by and I decided to go back and pick some up at JR's. It took me back! To those same flavored like an old friend. I will always have one in reach from now on! 5 5 1
Vintage III I’ve had them before. It’s a very very good cigar 4 5 1
Vintage III Great 45 minute smoke! I save them for days when I feel like rewording myself along with a good beer 🍺 and a shot of tequila. 4 5 1
Vintage III Consistency you can count on 5 5 1
Vintage III The cigars were fine, as usual. But, I was told that they came with a "premium" or "gift" which I never received. 4 5 1
Vintage III Always consistent with draw and burn never falls apart love the Vintage from Romeo and Juliet 5 5 1
Vintage III Easy draw hints of leather cream and cedar. A delightfully good smoke. Always a pleasure to smoke Romeos 3 5 1
Vintage III Good smoke for the money. Nice draw good construction. I would buy this again. 4 5 1
Vintage III This cigar was pretty good. The draw was perfect and had a really good burn. 4 5 1
Vintage III Light taste full body cigar. Great for the front nine or chilling on the patio. 4 5 1
Vintage III This cigar stands high and above every thing else I've tried. Very mild with an excellent flavor profile that would be perfect for a beginner or a regular who enjoys lighter cigars with a good finish. Burn/construction flavor profile every thing else five stars out of five perfection. 5 5 1
Vintage III Two five packs from a rapid fire. Didn't last a week. What a nice flavor. Put some in that rapid fire again! 5 5 1
Vintage III I'm not big into Romeo y julieta. That being said these are pretty tasty. 4 5 1
Vintage III best stick I ever had. 5 5 1
Vintage III One of my favorites. Just perfect for any time of the day. Great construction and consistency. Perfect every time 5 5 1
Vintage III This is a mellow flavorful cigar. The price was right and I enjoyed several days of near perfect light nuances! 4 5 1
Vintage III This was a good outside cigar. I'm always a little disappointed in the r y j taste so I can't say too much. 3 5 1
Vintage III This one took me a while to find but when Isis it was worth the money very consistent and nothing bad 4 5 1
Vintage III I liked the 3 its was really nice better than 2 Lil stronger of a stick and great construction and better taste 3 5 1
Vintage III The draw was perfect throughout the smoke the flavor was smooth and the price was pretty good. What more could you ask for? I'll buy these again. 5 5 1
Vintage III One of my favorites. Always consistent; well made easy draw and very favorable. A classic for a reason! 4 5 1
Vintage III Always smooth always well made with a clean draw I buy a box of these when ever I want to treat myself 5 5 1
Vintage III Awesome smoke....nuff said 5 5 1
Vintage III This cigar has deep, excellent taste and aroma, and flawless construction. I can smoke it down to a nub with no bitterness or side creep. It truly is an exceptional smoke for the size. 5 5 1
Vintage III Smooth, mellow, slow burn and great draw - keys to a relaxing late day cigar and beverage of your choice. I am a repeat customer. 5 5 1
Vintage III Recently I bought the Romeo y Julieta Vintage III and 1875 5 packs along with a couple of H Upmann 5 packs. All I can say is that I am very disappointed with the quality of these cigars. All of them appear the have problems with draw and uneven burn. Very hard to enjoy a smoke when you're always relighting it, or punching holes in the end to pull out smoke. I've tried the R y Js before and thought they were good cigars, so I was surprised by the quality of these in the 5 packs. I was wondering if anyone else were having the same experience. 2 5 1
Vintage III These Romeo y Julieta Vintage III cigars are consistently wonderful to smoke. It's not a strong cigar, more on the mellow side, but that's what I like (everyone's taste preference is different). For me, these are among my favorite. I was lucky enough to win a couple of 5 packs at an auction, so I got them for a great bargain. Will definitely buy these again. Thank you JR Cigar for these! 5 5 1
Vintage III I highly recommend this cigar it is smooth and has a Great draw! You can’t go wrong with this cigar! 5 5 1
Vintage III Received in a sampler pack. Good draw, burn, and flavor. 2 disappointing cracks in the wrapper, but it still smoked pretty well. Will try again. 4 5 1
Vintage III Good deal on an auction. Good taste and longer smoke than I expected 5 5 1
Vintage III R&J have always been one of my favorites, especially the Vintage series. They can be a bit expensive but JR has deals pretty often. The Vintage III 5x50 is just about perfect for a morning smoke. I also am a fan of the Vintage VI, which is a great smoke but they seem to sell out quickly. 5 5 1
Vintage III They start a little hot....but finish very well. 4 5 1
Vintage III Really enjoyed, burn evenly and draw was equally satisfying. 5 5 1
Vintage III Stays in my rotation 5 5 1
Vintage III These are my favorite everyday cigar. The burn well, are smooth and delicious. 5 5 1
Vintage III Good cigar 4 5 1
Vintage III The cigar is very well constructed. Smooth even burn, consistent from start to finish. This cigar is extremely mellow, no noticeable flavors good nor bad. I would recommend this to a first time smoker or someone who prefers a very mild cigar. 3 5 1
Vintage III My go to favorite. 5 5 1

Romeo y Julieta Vintage

Vintage III 5 × 50 RV3_1

The Romeo y Julieta Vintage III is an aged masterpiece that has remained unchanged for over 20 years. This Romeo comes loaded with mellow, yet, flavorful Dominican fillers that are encased inside a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. Any enthusiast regardless of strength preference will find enjoyment while smoking this classic cigar, packaged in single cigars.
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Ecuador Connecticut


Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Mellow - Medium


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