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Plasencia Sampler No. 16 One would suspect these are segundos of a major name brand which is to say, that aside from not quite perfectly matching, etc. they otherwise are an excellent cigar, and when the price is factored in, it is a very hard-to-beat deal. After another bundle or two, it may well become my main smoke. I have only found one that was not quite constructed so perfectly well, this far. This seems to be a medium bodied cigar, speaking as a layman. 5 5 1
Plasencia Sampler No. 16 NOT BAD 3 5 1

Cigar Samplers

Plasencia Sampler No. 16 PL16SMP

The Plasencia Sampler No.16 includes various sizes and strengths of premium rolled cigars from the Plasencia factory:

5    6.25 x 54
5    6.25 x 62
5    5.62 x 49

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