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CAO Flavours 6-Cigar Petite Corona Sampler 4 × 40 CAOPC6

The CAO Flavours Petit Corona Sampler is a sample of 6 different flavors of cigars sized as Petit Coronas. Each of these cigars have a delightfully unique flavor, which cater to different tastes. Enjoy the incredible, myriad flavors of the extracts of Madagascar vanilla beans, the Georgia peaches, cherry and blackcurrant, honey from Florida Blossoms, coconut milk and chocolate truffles and also cocoa and nuts. Cameroon, Dominican and Nicaraguan tobacco leaves are showcased in this pack of cigars.

 This CAO Flavours Petite Corona 6-Cigar Sampler lets you experience some of the most delicious infused premium cigars on the planet. This mouthwatering myriad of sumptuous dessert flavors come expertly crafted with some of the world’s best-aged Central American tobaccos covered in an assortment of stunning wrappers. This top-notch sampler from the famed CAO Company is a certain hit for smokers looking to add some spice to their cigar smoking life.

This CAO Flavours Petite Corona 6-Cigar Sampler contains one of each following styles:

· Bella Vanilla
· Cherrybomb
· Earth Nectar
· Eileen’s Dream
· Gold Honey
· Moontrance

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Dominican Republic / Nicaragua

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