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6 Shooter Sampler CROWN6S

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Ready, aim, and fire up this explosive boutique sampler pack variety compliments of the famous folks at Crowned Heads, makers of some of the hottest selling cigars on this side, and in fact, every side of the Mason Dixon line! Featuring the Four Kicks Sublime, the edgy powerhouse, sure to put some lead in your barrel. Headley Grange Estupendos, for those times when you crave a bold blast of pepper, warm cinnamon, and espresso flavors. And last but not least, the J.D. Howard Reserve HR46, an unlawfully enjoyable stick named after the alias Jesse James used when he was on the lamb. Are you ready for a showdown of fabulous flavors? Then mosey on up to our website and order these bad boys today!

Contains 2 each of the following:
Four Kicks Sublime - E, 6.00 x 54
Headley Grange Estupendos - E, 5.50 x 52
J.D. Howard Reserve HR46 - M, 6.00 x 46
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Box of 6

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Hop on a new horse!

Jambalaya J. on 06/10/15

I absolutely loved this sampler! These guys are relatively new to the cigar world but man do they make some seriously good cigars. I would recommend these to any experienced cigar smoker that is looking for something to share you from your normal smokes! Hop on a new horse!


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Pretty good cigar.

JCROCKETT on 08/14/15

First time smoking a Crowned Head. The Hadley Grange is a great cigar for road trips. Will write more after smoking the next four.


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Music and cigars collide?

rmill3r on 12/10/14

Jon Huber created an odd amalgamation with his Crowned Heads cigars. Being a Nashvillain, the man is clearly in love with his music. Four Kicks is based on an older Kings of Leon song; Headley Grange is inspired by the initial, hard-hitting drum beat of Led Zeppelin's "When the Levee Breaks"; and J.D. Howard Reserve is the odd one out, having to do with the infamous Jesse James rather than a song or band. It's like Huber has created a fusion of music and cigars! . . . Well, not really to be honest. It seems more like these elements influenced a certain mood in the blender which found its way into the formation of the cigar, which is rather market-y and gimmick-y if you ask me, but that doesn't take away from the fact that Crowned Heads makes some damn fine cigars, and the Six Shooter sampler is a sure way to try the best of them. Four Kicks tends to be lighter and rich in flavor, Headley Grange amps it up with a little spicy and nuttiness, while J.D. Howard Reserve (my personal least favorite) tends to scale down on the strength but still leaves a lasting, lingering flavor. You'll probably figure out which ones are, or are not, to your liking, but this sampler is an excellent way to explore this company. Whether or not it "brings music to your ears" is one thing, but a cigar is still a cigar, regardless of marketing gimmicks.