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Silver Monza III 3CMONS

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Featuring a sophisticated silver-tone accent against its matte-black body, this popular model is equipped with a wind-resistant triple flame and finished with the same durable Pachmayr grip for use with various tools and handguns.
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3 out of 4 found this review helpful.

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No more ligher purchases.

Fidelseyeglasses on 03/27/16

This is the 2nd one, it was a replacement for the 1st one sent to me which had a deep scratch down the front of it and had a bit of "something" stuck to front of the box, I returned it for a "new" one as it looked like I was sent someones "return". Now this "2nd replacement" is worse than the 1st, while the box was clean on the out side... the inside insert form that the lighter lays in was cracked, but that was not the worst part... when I filled the lighter with fuel, I immediately heard the butane fuel escaping from the lighter... without even lighting it.... additionally when I did light it, it only lights 3 x out of several tries. This time I sadly have no choice but to return it for a refund and while I have no problems with purchasing cigars from JR... I will not purchase any other lighters as I feel the lighter I received (won in a weekly auction) was someones "return" sent to me. Great cigars, great prices, always lightening fast shipping..... unfortunately negative experience with the 2 lighters (same model, same brand).


3 out of 4 found this review helpful.

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Two stars , dissapointed.

Fidelseyeglasses on 03/23/16

I won an auction for this lighter, it arrived today will be returning it. The two star rating is both for the lack of quality control on the the part of JR as well as the height of the flame. 1. even at the very lowest dial setting... the flame is literally like a blow torch, the 3 jets shoot out about 3" high, way to forceful and too high to light a cigar. 2. the lighter that JR shipped to me in my opinion was a return by someone else, as the silver colored bar you press to start the light has an OBVIOUS deep scratch down the front horizontally..... and on the front of the nice black box.... is a bit of what appears to be a tiny bit of stuck on dried food. Come on JR.... WHERE'S YOUR QUALITY CONTROL??