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Rogue 50ct Cherry Very nice for the cost. Great for a first humidor when you do not need a high capacity. This was a gift for a beginner. 5 5 1
Rogue 50ct Cherry So, I won this on auction for about $18, so it’s quite a steal, especially because the auction description said it was for 25 sticks, when clearly I got the one that holds at a minimum 50, but probably more like 60-70 if I took the divider out and had no wrappers. Anyway, I’m seasoning it for the next 2 weeks with a boveda 84% seasoning bag. It’s really a great beginner box. Excited to keep the 50 or so cigars I just got on auctions too! 5 5 1
Rogue 50ct Cherry Everything falls off the lid. I should not have to address this! Not happy! 1 5 1

Cigar Humidors

Rogue 50ct Cherry 3H8117CH

The affordable Rogue Cherry Cigar Humidor is made from a cherry wood with a high gloss finish that is sure to compliment any home or office decor. Capable of holding up to 50 of your favorite premium cigars, the Rogue comes fully-lined with top-quality Spanish cedar to further enhance your cigars flavors and aromas while enhancing the aging process. Other features include a humidifier, hygrometer, and a cedar divider that allows you to separate your brands.

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