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Renaissance 120ct I’m done here. Tired of not getting what I ordered. Tired of deceptive bait and switch practices. I don’t care about excuses anymore. I shouldn’t have to send every 3rd. or 4th. order back because of a so called “warehouse mistake”. I end up just letting it go and keeping the mistake. This happens WAY to often here and I’M DONE with this place. Zero star rating for the company as a whole. 1 1 1

Cigar Humidors

Renaissance 120ct 3HREN

 With a weathered wood and worn metal finish, the Renaissance Cigar Humidor is rustic in its beauty! Capable of storing up to 120 of your favorite premium handmade cigars, this striking unit comes equipped with carefully aged kiln-dried Spanish cedar lining, a tray with divider, 2 bottom dividers, lock & key, a powerful humidifier, and an accurate glass hygrometer. The premium Renaissance is a one-of-a-kind, highly functional, airtight cigar humidor that you’ll be proud to own and display.  

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