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Dumaine 60ct Ebony I have only had this about 3 weeks. Not really long enough to have a definitive review but it is nice quality, except for the analog hygrometer. At this price point a digital should be included. I have a Hygroset II in it, it appears to be holding humidity so far. I am using (4) 72% small Boveda's I had on hand, plus the included disc/puck humidifier. I seasoned according to instructions (wiped with distilled water and let set for 2 days). 4 4 1

Cigar Humidors

Dumaine 60ct Ebony 3HDUM60

Perfect for medium sized cigar collections, the classic Dumaine Hi Lacquer 30 Cigar Humidor has a nice ebony finish beautifully adorned with a beveled glass top.  An ideal storage solution for the home, man-cave or office, the Dumaine features premium Spanish cedar lining, second level tray and divider, a powerful cigar humidifier, and an external hygrometer.

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