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VX2 V-Cut Red 3XVK2R

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If you have shied away from v-cutters because of their reputation for occasionally splitting the cap on cigars, the top-quality Xikar VX2 V-cut in this striking red finish is your solution to this problem. What makes this v-cutter so groundbreaking is an inverted ultra-sharp blade that cuts from the top of your cigar and goes inward, as opposed to other v-cutters that cut into the cigar and move outward increasing the chance of your cigar cap to crack. The VX2 V-Cut offers ergonomic, one-handed operation. Just add some pressure to both sides of the release buttons, and a spring-loaded cutter snaps open providing access to a built-in 64RG bowl, simply place the cigar cap in the bowl and press the cutter closed for a perfect crack-free cut every time. Easy to use, worry free and backed by Xikar’s famous lifetime warranty, the VX-2 will change the way you feel about using a V-Cutter on all of your costly premium handmade cigars. 

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Bold & Beautiful

E. Davis on 03/31/18

Great looking cutter. The cherry red color pops! I've seen a black one and my red XV2 looks significantly nicer. The cut lives up to the Xikar standard of cutting that I expect. it makes perfect deep and shallow v-cuts regardless of the ring gauge. With it's smooth edges the XV2 is a little slippery in the hand until you get used to handling. Can't go wrong with Xikar's lifetime warranty. I added a little silicon lubricant to the edges of the blade because I didn't like the way the blade rubbed inside the cutter while exercising the blade. The paint isn't tough enough because I see faint scratches from carrying it in my pocket with my keys only after one time. I don't know if Xikar makes a case for it so I ordered a large $10 leather Colibi V-Cut cutter case. Until that case arrives I'll carry it in a pocket by itself.