Cheyenne Filtered Cigars

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These Full-Flavored Cheyenne Filtered Cigars are small, flavorful, smooth, rich, and cheap as heck as far as the price goes, but not in quality, taste, strength, or body. The cigarette-style smokes are available in handy packs of 20. Each carton contains 10 packs for a total of 200. Get yourself some to enjoy right here at JR Cigar.
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10 Packs of 20 (200 total)

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Homogenized Tobacco Leaf

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Light Brown / Natural

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Thunder on 01/14/19



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My review of filtered cigars I've tried.

SloppyJoe on 10/13/17

I've tried most of the filtered cigars offered here & this is my favorite so far. I have recently switched from Liggett non-filter cigs because the price was raised to over $8.00 a pack. I wasn't familiar with filtered cigars & read lots of reviews prior to ordering. Luckily a close friend is also trying the cigars so we each buy different brands & swap out the packs to sample - I've shopped out many vendors & found JR to offer the best prices & service. Below is a list of the brands I've purchased & sampled from JR. I am listing these from best to worst after smoking at least 1 pack of each... Cheyenne Full Flavor Red - 5 stars and is my favorite - The full flavor is very much like a traditional cig with no sweet or artificial taste. These cigars are rolled nicely and burn clean without having to re-light. Very much worth the extra couple bucks for quality this good. Virginia Heritage Full Flavor Red - 4.85 stars. Very much like the Cheyenne's for taste and burning quality - excellent smoke & great price too. Derringer Full Flavor 100's 4.8 stars - For the price these are unbeatable. Excellent and very similar to my top 2. These are priced unbelievably low for the quality. 38 Special Original Filtered Cigars - 4.5 Stars - Very mild & enjoyable smoke - burns consistently. Filter has a slight sweet flavor but overall one of my faves. Talon Regular - 4.0 Stars. This is a strong, good smoke and the filter has a pleasant sweet taste though it does not seem to affect the natural taste. It is a good choice but because it is a stronger cigar it takes longer to smoke and will need to be re-lit a time or two if left burning in the ashtray. Gold Rush Original Red Large Cigars - 3.75 Stars. These are the same size as other filtered cigars and they are decent cigarette-like cigars. It has a good flavor but is sometimes difficult to keep lit. Seneca Red, Phillies Red (Sweet) - I really don't care for either of these. Both are often difficult to light & keep lit. The Phillies sweet were sent by mistake & I have not tried their original cigars. Lex12 Carnal Ecstasy - This is an extremely strong and full flavored cigar. A bit pricier than the rest I've tried but difficult for me to smoke because it is just too strong. Cherokee Red Large Cigars - These are very strong but difficult to keep lit. I tried to chop part of the filter off for an easier drag and found sand-like particles halfway through the filters. Not sure what these are or their function. These are my least favorite so far.


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Way to go

Happy man on 10/23/18

JR offer the best prices & service. Cheyenne Full Flavor Red - is my favorite


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My Go to For Filtered on 07/15/18

Sometime they are not made so well but over all my Fav.


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A Great "Long Drive" Smoke.

CigarPilot on 02/02/19

Was a little apprehensive of " Full Flavor ", as I thought they would be too strong - but they are just right! Very nice flavor and taste, not overpowering, no headache, no harshness. A very good buy, and a great everyday smoke. I smoke these on my way to school, which is an hour + drive, and these keep me satisfied. Thanks from Durham, NC,