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When most tobacco enthusiasts hear the name CAO, they probably think about extraordinary cigars at the top of most connoisseurs’ lists of premium smokes. However, many smokers have no idea that they started as a pipe company. For many years, they were the premier importer of high-quality meerschaum pipes to the US. In fact, CAO continued to make pipes exclusively until 1992. Now they have their own line of pipe tobaccos, which use the same skillful blending technique used in their Flavours line of cigars. If you love aromatics, whether it be in cigars or pipe tobacco, nobody does it better than CAO. Once you try these deliciously fragrant blends, it will be very hard to choose a favorite.
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Good Choice

Gambler on 12/06/18

I have been looking at this tobacco for a while and finally ordered a tin, and I'm very happy that I did. I am not a regular aromatic smoker, but this is one of my favorites to date. The flavors are all very subdued, but blend well together and its just a smooth, sweet flavor. It did come just slightly moist out of the tin, but nothing serious. I will certainly be adding this to my regular rotation.


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Chocolatiers paradise

Ed on 10/12/18

My wife’s new found favorite. When she smoked, it felt like were going to chocolatiers shop. Beautiful smoke.