CAO Fuma Em Corda

Toro · 6 × 58 CAOFCT

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CAO Fuma Em Corda Toro is a delicious premium cigar that includes Brazilian filler tobaccos packed tightly into twine-like cords called where the already aged leaves are compacted additional six months of fermentation. The blend also includes core tobaccos from Honduras, Nicaragua and the Cameroon region of Africa. The finished product is medium to full body with a rich flavor profile of coffee, black pepper spice, caramel, and a long lasting sweet tobacco finish. A luxury smoking experience awaits you when you order a 20-count box of these very limited edition cigars.

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Nicaragua / Brazil / Honduras


Medium - Full

Dark Brown / Maduro

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CAO Masterpiece

Bob on 07/27/17

This is an excellent well constructed cigar. Rated medium bodied but full bodied flavor from beginning to end. I was a big fan of the Amazon Basin but this second cigar of the trilogy is far superior. I highly suggest you get them while you can since they are a limited production masterpiece.


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Amazing stick!!!!!

Kirk walker on 07/28/17

This is one of my favorite sticks I've ever smoked!


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Another hit from CAO

Tg3 on 08/28/17

A flavor BOMB. Love the complexity of different flavors. Draw was very good but not perfect. Seemed a little loose in how it's rolled but not too mushy at all. All in all I loved it!!!