Caldwell Cigar Co. and Drew Estate All Out Kings

Give Me Your Lunch Money · 5.75 × 46 CAAOKG

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Caldwell Cigar Co. and Drew Estate All Out Kings Give Me Your Lunch Money cigars combine the talents of Robert Caldwell and Drew Estate to deliver a premium handmade cigar of extraordinary quality and superb taste. Created using the same dark and oily wrapper found on the Liga Privada T-52, along with the finest vintage tobaccos, the finished product is medium body in strength and loaded with balanced notes of cream, caramel, pepper, milk chocolate, and spice.

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Connecticut Habano


Connecticut Broadleaf / Dominican Republic / Nicaragua



Medium Brown / EMS

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The Stars fell short!

Drew on 03/27/17

Big Fan of Drew and Caldwell -- All out Kings was the cigar almost every cigar outlet was raving about. I placed my pre order before the March 17th Release. could not wait to Light one up-- every bit of the cigar from a visual aspect is nothing short of flawless- the burn , Draw and smoke output is simply top notch, but the actual flavors of this cigar is just not for me-- the flavors of this cigar is simply put " Dirty" Notes of Black bitter coffee ,Burnt wood dry spices (without the Hotness) and citrius, this is what one may find in this cigar-- No sweetness not even a hint imo, Now this is not bad thing by no means but for me its just to dry and dark for my palette. Burn and Draw is phenomenal , Aesthetically its a beauty , The collaboration between Caldwell and Drew was Simply Smart but although all the stars were aligned it fell short for me. just to over hyped-- and for that its a bummer- Love the intent and i support this cigar but will Not be adding a box in the humi-- 5 packer for sure!! 7/10 Cheers


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Amazing To The End

WildWillyWaze on 08/04/17

This review is easy. The cigar is simply excellent! The flavors absolutely stood out and were memorable. Some cigars don't have anything that stands out and reminds you of what you're smoking. They just blend in with others. This cigar is not it! Absolutely went into my top 5. The spice, cocoa, nuttiness blend was something out of this world for me. I'd highly recommend you try these. If you don't want to commit to a box, they will be worth it to get a 5 pack.