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6X52 Great taste and flavor but, first one coned, split and burned irregular. Seemed dry, will leave in the humidor for a few months and try again. 3 3 1
6X52 Cigars were stale. JR auction site is an absolute takes so much time and effort to get your auction winnings it negates the cost savings. over 18 months of issues blamed on a new system???? I can solve the problem by finding a new cigar retailer. Then, there was the nonsense of cancelling the frequent shopper/bonus card program at the Paramus store. Not sure what has happened at JR, but across the board: merchandise freshness, web experience, auction experience, and the in-store experience have all declined over the past 2 years. What a shame 1 3 1

Asylum 33

6X52 6 × 52 AS3352T

Asylum 33 6X52  is a Honduran puro crafted with rare 7- year old aged premium tobacco’s from the best growing regions in the country. This is medium to full-bodied blend that burns slow and offers unrivaled complexity and balance. A sweet smoky aroma and lively notes of spice, wood, pepper, espresso, and a creamy smooth finish will have you savoring every puff. Energize up your smoking experience and order a box of 10 today!

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